Starting the year off with a huge Australian release, Sydney based artists RÜFÜS have delivered us their sophomore LP, Bloom. Maintaining their signature electronic dance grooves, each track can be enjoyed as a standing piece of work or perfectly chiselled puzzle piece in the fluid compilation. Teasing us with the crowd favourite ‘You Were Right‘ over six months ago, this is one album that’s been on everyone’s radar for a while, supplying a sort of likeable monotony in it’s wake.

Feeling like the time had come to piece something new together, the trio escaped for a couple of months from the comfort of local life to their home away from home, Berlin, where they found themselves “writing feelings more than songs”. The album title spawned from a search for inspiration into other mediums where they discovered the name Bloom; a term to describe a group of jellyfish. James Hunt, the group’s percussionist, explains, “The double meaning for Bloom is perfect, things that can grow and flourish and open up over time”. You’ll also find each track on the album has a working title named after an animal; from yellow fin tuna to seahorse, chameleon to ocelot, vulture to komodo dragon, octopus to flounder, from the Irukandji jellyfish and the mysterious xanthareel.

Coming in at number 12 for Triple j’s Hottest 100 this Australia Day, ‘You Were Right’ is definitely the crowd favourite due to it’s radio friendly nature and high energy baseline, it’s one we can all chant along to with ease. Classic RÜFÜS production makes this a tune one you can either jump from end to end of the dance floor to, or relax to by the beach on a beautiful summers day. The versatility and adaptive qualities are what make this and the rest of the album one for everyone.

‘Brighter’ leads the journey, opening with a captivating vocal from the front man Tyrone Lindqvist, backed my a soulful choir, meshing into the ambience of the calming dance tune. The soothing introduction makes it’s way to a kick and bass driven chorus that gets the blood pumping, really gearing up for the following journey. The subsequent tracks bring an even heavier dance sound in the likes of ‘Like An Animal’, ‘Say A Prayer For Me’ and ‘You Were Right’.

The meat of the Bloom is filled with hooks, but also buried treasures (try it in headphones) and a flowing structure that starts on a high before a woozy comedown. This section is for the die-hard fans, as it might cheapen your favourites and make everything mesh as one. The album can certainly feel like one entire song when listened to consecutively which is a preferred LP experience by some, but not all, so those who are yet to listen; be weary.

Closing off the venture is the nearly ten minute long ‘Innerbloom’, which bears a strong ambience that sparks a sort of emotion that sets you up for the end of the immersive experience. Despite packing many of their distinctive sounds, it very much so bears a refreshing experience in the form of both the structure and sound selection. Although it is not a radio friendly, pop styled tune; it has been very well accepted by the dance community, snatching up more than one million plays across Youtube and Soundcloud. 

Each listen brought a unique sensation, while appearing mildly tedious. It’s easy to find yourself falling in and out of focus on the music, slipping into your own thoughts and back again. For anyone needing an inspiring and calming experience, it’s a prime choice, and if the music doesn’t do it for you, the abstract artwork supplying the face to album from the incredibly talented Jack Vanzet (a.k.a Thrupence), definitely will.

Bloom is available now via: