Roland Tings is a moniker that goes hand-in-hand with the year 2015 and should now be familiar to just about every musically involved Melburnian ever.

If you happen to have been living under a rock this year – or perhaps, dance music isn’t your thing – then alas, you are probably wondering who this wondrous Roland is. It’s okay and after all, the new year has began and calls for new music. The eclectic house artist has been making a name for himself over the past few years, but really seems to have hit the mark this year after playing sets at Boiler Room and even Paradise Music Festival. Hitting up Howler in the later month to launch his latest single ‘Hedonist’, Roland spoilt us with us with one last show for the year.

The night kicked off with sets from Dan White and Bronze Savage, providing the small and packed venue with an appropriate pre-Roland buzz. The air was thick and everyone was practically roasting like peanuts (outside the bandroom was peaking around 41 degree heat), but it only added to the hype. Upon glancing around the room, everyone seemed to be laughing or smiling and having a thorough boogie regardless of the sweaty weather. Smaller venues such as Howler always seem to intensify the energy in the room.

When Roland finally came on stage, the excitement from the crowd was intense. His music is a solid mix of disco synths and tropical rhythms melded into the house genre. As the heat goes on, you’re always sure to be kept on your toes when listening to his beats. On stage, he defied a common idea that many people have, that DJs are not performers. Roland proved that they could be both. He danced and jumped around the stage interacting with the audience and even poured champagne into the cups of those in the front row. His tunes were the perfect anthem to a hot Summer’s night and really raised the standard for house producers around Australia.

The night was a great way for Roland to end what has been a pretty successful year for him and the crowd left buzzing. Be sure to catch Roland when he returns to the stage next year and in the mean time, I recommend you listen to his latest single ‘Hedonist’.