While their debut EP ‘Fools Fall’ won’t be released until early next month, the Brisbane-based group Kurilpa Reach have released their first music video for their latest single ‘Rat Race’. 

Combining reggae sounds and inventive instrumentals, the five-piece band explores the stresses of the future, and the desire to live a life without worries. The song reflects on how young musicians want to avoid getting caught up in the rat race of life, which is perfectly encapsulated in the video.

As the main character finds himself in a corporate 9-5 lifestyle, he is forced to miss out on a variety of activities, like skating around town, working in the garden or hanging out in the park.

Everyone in the video is dressed in a suit and tie, even a dog, and he experiences a number of unfortunate events that drive him mad.

It isn’t until the end of the video where his friends, or his band members, help bring him back to earth, and encourage him to do what he truly loves.

The video is creative, innovative and relatable, highlighting this struggle and the fight between wanting to pursue your dreams and selling out to the white-collar lifestyle, which seems to be a battle for everyone in the music industry. 

The symbolism of the suits is simple, but effective, and is the perfect metaphor to accompany the song and represent the constant rat race. 

‘Rat Race’ is the second single from their upcoming EP, and hit #2 on the AMRAP regional charts earlier this month.

While AAA Backstage says that the group “makes reggae appealing for non-reggae fans”, Scenestr describes their sound “almost like The Flaming Lips were hanging out with The Police and decided to invite Tame Impala over for a jam”.

‘Fools Fall’, their debut EP, is released November 10th. 

You can listen to Kulripa Reach on Spotify.