Memory-ladened, feminine and evocative, Mariah McCarthy‘s debut EP is not short of enchantment. Originally part of the folk duo Deer Prudence, the singer-songwriter launches her solo career with a release offering nostalgic tales of love and loss that provoke and stir emotion.

Quite simply, the album is a breath-taking exploration of the pain of growing up. The single and album’s namesake, ‘Counting Sheep’ is a feet-tapping, upbeat track that is a departure of her signature, emotional style. With catchy lyrics like ‘Knock, knock, knock from inside my closet. Scratch, scratch, scratch from underneath the bed…’ it is a fun ode to the scattered, fleeting thoughts when we can’t fall asleep. ‘Hail Mary’ is a charming track that almost did not make the EP, but was saved due to the intervention of the band’s clever arrangement. McCarthy’s ‘At Peace’ possesses a haunting melody that anyone who has experienced a loss would feel deeply. Notably, Mariah wrote the song with her late uncle in mind, who took his life. ‘Caught in the Rain’ is a nostalgia-ridden number that speaks of the distance that grows between childhood friends. Written back when she was 16, ‘Siren Song’ is the oldest song on the EP, inspired by the tale of Odyssey during McCarthy’s high school drama class. She experiments with singing her own backing vocals in ‘Seeking Refuge’, an experience best described as ‘Mariah as a choir’! ‘1821’ is a track inspired by the book and movie Tuck Everlasting about a family that does not grow old.

Filled with her distinctive folksy sound, Mariah McCarthy‘s EP is a magical, storytelling experience of love and loss.

Watch out for her debut EP, set to drop on Friday May 25th.

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