After recording and releasing his debut EP in 2017 and an east coast tour with his three-piece band, Sydney-based Benny Nelson is breaking into 2018 with his new single ‘TALK’.

This latest offering from Benny is a testament to his extraordinary talent for writing beautiful and meaningful rock songs. The track opens eerily as a drum tolls in the distance, building the suspense until the guitar hits you. Benny’s signature voice combined with the beautiful backing of his band makes for a rock song that is calming and measured. There are never any lulls in the song as it captures its audience and takes them on a journey. The lyrics are raw and honest and you can really hear the emotion behind each line.

The video clip for ‘TALK’, which is shot completely in black-and-white, shows Benny Nelson and his band playing shows and goofing off in between. It’s laid back feel matches the song perfectly.

After a big 2017 which included a 3-month east coast tour and playing 27 shows over 20 regional towns and cities, there seems to be no stopping Benny Nelson and his enchanting brand of rock.

You can check out new single ‘Talk’ on Unearthed or on Youtube.