It’s a wild ride through post-hardcore dynamics, taking the listener from staggering breakdowns to soft, delicate melodies in an organic way that does nothing but please the ears. Exploring new and improved ways to attack their genre and evolve as artists, Pierce The Veil have managed to create an album that is both derivative of their style and something else entirely in Misadventures. This is particularly prevalent in the fast paced, energy-fuelled punk extravaganza ‘Texas is Forever’.

The first single of the album and also by far the quickest, the track is an ode to their early punk beginnings. It holds the influence of those origins in its frantic pacing, raw and unencumbered vocals, but most of all in the reckless abandon with which they play it. According to the band, it’s a track that begs to be played live, and is certainly one with which you could effectively incite a circle pit. The album is also not without its slower, more melodic moments. Taking full advantage of the electric spectrum of sound, songs like ‘Gold Medal Ribbon’ and ‘Floral & Fading’ utilise colourful synths to explore lighter soundscapes. This complements the depth of the subject matter contained in ‘Floral & Fading,’ a love song about leaving everything behind and escaping with that special someone.

The band worked closely throughout the recording process again with Dan Korneff, who they had previously worked with on their breakout 2012 record, Collide With The Sky, which undoubtedly helped them to create a similar timbre and tonality. Quality over quick was also the first and foremost concern for this album, which delayed the release as the band worked diligently to give their fans the best album possible. Vocalist Vic Fuentes stressed that they “went into this record wanting to top the last one, which we try to do with every record, and we kept setting the bar higher and higher.” This resulted in an album that not only meets, but exceeds fans’ immense expectations of the quick rising post-hardcore outfit.

They explore a wide range of themes and subject matter, ranging from concepts of identity and individualism to a harrowing perspective of the 2015 Paris attacks. Each song has its own unique feel, which is then branded with Fuentes’ signature high clean vocal screams, pinch harmonics discordant enough to shake the pick-ups off a guitar, and slick snare and cymbal interactions. The breakdowns are inexplicably heavy, much more so than in previous releases, and in greater abundance, giving a sense of dynamics throughout the album that leaves you perfectly comfortable with the direction the song’s taking and equally unsure about the direction it’s about to. Overall, Misadventures is a testament to Pierce The Veil’s ability to evolve naturally as a musical unit, following up their major successes over the last few years with a confident, self-aware and entertaining release that is truly a collection of sounds to behold.

Misadventures is available now via Fearless Records/Caroline Australia.