Following the success of her electro-soul hit ‘Once’ in 2015, Ngaiire returns almost a year later to bless our sonic waves with her accompanying sophomore album, Blastoma. Having held off for what seems like forever, Ngaiire proves that quality indeed takes time – but we ain’t mad, as it was well worth the wait.

The powerhouse singer has come a long way since her humble beginnings, with Blastoma presenting a new sense of musical maturity. Showcasing her incredible versatility and seamless genre-blending abilities, the record is an eclectic mix soul, pop, electronica and everything in-between; crafting a brand new sound that is distinctively Ngaiire. Like the true artist that she is, no stone is left unturned and it is abundantly clear that every fine detail of the album has been put under a microscope, partly thanks to her producers and co-writers, Paul Mac, Jack Grace and Megan Washington. Legends in their own right, the seasoned production skills of her collaborators and Ngaiire’s crystal clear vocal delivery are a match made in musical heaven; the production of the album overall is interesting enough to stand on its own while remaining complementary rather than overpowering underneath her.

In true Ngaiire style, the vocals are the driving force with an abundance of lush harmony accompanying her ever-flawless melodies. Each track on the album paints the artist with a new palette of colours, from the dark synths and hip-hop grounded grooves of ‘Anchor’, to the gospel delight that is ‘Fall Into My Arms’ – Ngaiire proves that her sound is multifaceted to say the least. It’s clear in everything Ngaiire puts her name to, that her passion for the craft is palpable. Luring the listener into her clutches through her soulful voice and profoundly honest songwriting, it’s not often that an artist can successfully break emotional barriers in an audience. I can honestly say that after listening to Blastoma in all its glory, Ngaiire is more than capable of doing so. Her incredible ability to convey emotion through her music is undeniable and with every carefully placed note is truly sincere.

Blastoma is a musical war cry, concrete proof that the Australian songstress is a force to be reckoned with. With her most recent single from the album ‘Diggin’ on heavy Triple J rotation, a national tour set to kick off in June and a slot at this years Splendour In The Grass festival; this is most definitely not the last we will be hearing from Ngaiire for a long time coming.

Blastoma is available now via Ngaiire’s own label Maximilian Brown.