With a sound that gears towards bohemian, alternative and indie pop, Tigertown are first to hit the stage. The band from Sydney consists of lead singer, Charlie, her sister Crystal on mandolin and vocals, husband Chris on guitar, his sister Elodie on bass and brother Alexi on keys. A family affair like no other, Tigertown performed ‘What You Came Here For’ from their Wandering Eyes EP from 2013. Harmonising perfectly together, all the elements of choppy, airy synth lines and melody come together for a sweet, nostalgic sound. Tigertown end with their new track ‘Papernote’ making revellers sway from side to side and find their groove early in the night.

A nice transition into George Maple and her band, the group made a zestful entrance with Maple wearing a shaggy fur coat. With her sultry dance moves, the band perform their groovy, alluring R&B inspired tracks, including their collaboration with What So Not ‘Gemini.’ In conjunction with the hypnotic synth lines from her band mate’s Dave Smith Pro 2, the Future Classics signee also performed tracks from her Vacant Space EP captivating the audience with her booming vocals.

MS MR’s enigmatic performance made staying out on a weeknight worth the exhaustion the next day. The New York based duo, vocalist Lizzy Plapinger and producer Max Hershenow, know how to command an audience. Together with their anthemic indie gems, killer dance-moves (from both, Palpinger and Hershenow) and euphonious vocals, there was a palpable buzz felt as they were genuinely excited and humbled to be there.

They kick things off with ‘Reckless,’ an electronic heavy slice from their new album How Does it Feel, which was released on the 17th of this month. Shaking off her massive fur red shawl that she had draped around herself, Plapinger dances around stage as her scruffy, fiery red hair bounces around and sequenced jumpsuit shimmers off the background of deep mystic lighting. Moving about with such energy, she reaches her high notes with ease.

Progressing into soulful territory with ‘Wrong Victory,’ MS MR move their audience with their delicate lyrics and vocals. Announcing that it was the first time to play the track live, they had their audience in the palm of their hands as they lap up their vivacious stage presence. Hershenow announces that ‘Dark Doo Wop’ is “your chance to make out” and provides perfect harmonies. And his dance moves were just as killer – watching him dance like that and operate a synth/keyboard at the same time was quite impressive.

Providing a context for ‘Think of You,’ Hershenow explains that it was written for all the past lovers out there and that they won’t be forgotten. Tracks like this and ‘Fantasy’ started a sing-along, with the sold out venue joining in the on booming chorus. Fan-favourite ‘Painted’ finishes the set, galvanizing a girl to jump on her male friend’s and wail the lyrics back to Plapinger, whose grin seems to encourage the girl to continue. The applause barely finishes before they return one by one onto the stage for a two-track encore with ‘Bones’ and ‘Hurricane.’ The girl is still up on her friend’s shoulders, who has as much energy as the band on the stage – admirable but dangerous. They humbly finish with a bow and applaud each band member – something that many bands don’t do anymore but quite a nice thing to watch. MS MR’s spirit is one that couldn’t be matched, showing off their calibre as a band and of course, their dance moves.