The atmosphere was perfection when Missy Higgins played to a sold out crowd when she headlined Musica Bontanica Under The Stars in Cairns on Friday night.


People of all ages, gathered with their blankets and picnic baskets around the stage as Missy played a breathtaking set of songs from all three albums.


The captivating thing about Missy is not that she can play guitar, piano and has undeniably incredible vocals but it was her humble stage presence which made the show feel intimate despite the hundreds of people in the crowd.


Missy loved interacting with the crowd, at times engaging in bird calls with the audience and encouraged everyone to join in making animal noises during her song Watering Hole in which she was also joined by local Cairns duo and support act The McMenamins.


Despite taking a break between albums, Missy’s passion was evident as she belted out tunes which included The Special Two, Steer and Everyone’s Waiting.  It was during her final song Scar that she invited everyone to stand up and dance along to her biggest hit.


The great thing about seeing Missy live was also getting to hear the stories behind her songs and her adventures writing them which made the crowd feel that we were getting to know Missy the person and not the musician.


Playing under the stars in the Botanic Gardens only complimented Missy’s set.  Not to mention the gorgeous white grand piano she had on stage which copped many loving Elton John jokes.  At one point during the night, the crowd got a sample of an Elton John cover band by Missy and her guitarist Cam which received many cheers.


It was clear Missy was at home on the stage and the crowd loved her.  She is definitely an artist worth experiencing live.  With just a piano, guitar, keys and those strong vocals, a Missy Higgins performance is something special.


By Angela Ruggeri