What if I told you that Gwen Stefani had something to do with Donald Trump being elected as the 45th President of the United States?

That’s what Academy Award® winner Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbinenew documentary seeks to explain. Before you roll your eyes and groan about another media piece talking about Trump as if we haven’t had enough of that name being shoved in our faces by news outlets for the past two years. I want to reassure you right here and right now that Fahrenheit 11/9 is much more than that.

Anyone familiar with Michael Moore’s works would know what to expect- biting sarcasm, sharp commentary, endless jokes, and of course- a brutal confrontation of the subject matter that will leave you writhing in your seat minutes after the credit rolls. And this film delivers on what we expect and so much more.

You see, this isn’t another “Oh no, Trump is president and here’s everything we should be worried about,” type of media critique where you can feel justifiably angry for five minutes, maybe even write an angry Facebook status about how incompetent he is, before heading off to the rest of your day. This documentary is about so much more than just Trump.

Moore with Parkland survivor and gun control advocate David Hogg.

It touches on Flint, Michigan and the water epidemic they’ve been suffering since the Obama administration. It shows us an unflinching look into the rise of white supremacy in the West. It delves into the Parkland shooting, it shines a light on those fighting to make a change- from the classrooms of America to the streets of West Virginia, and also those so dejected by the state of the world they just can’t see a way out. This film talks about Bernie Sanders, about the Washington elite that had led the Democratic Party to doom over and over again. And most importantly- it does a Trump-Hitler comparison so perfectly that it leaves you sick in the stomach, peering fearfully over your shoulder about what is to come if he is elected for a second term.

Moore in a conversation with Senator Bernie Sanders.

This is more than a documentary- this is a warning about the threat of dictatorship, threats to freedom, the threat of Trump who now represents more than just some funny tweets and a point of debate around the dinner table. If this can happen in America then it can happen anywhere else. This is about a bleak fucking future that we need to avoid at all cost. This is about what would happen if inaction is the only action we take.

Moore with a West Virginian Democratic party candidate. 

This film is funny, serious, witty, sad, but most of all, it carves into you an urgency no Change.org petition or Buzzfeed article about “10 Ways To Stop Trump” can do. This isn’t merely a film- it’s a scream for help and we need to listen before it is too late.

Fahrenheit 11/9 is released on November 1st, 2018 in Australia. 

Check out the trailer here for the film here.