As it was the second last night of the All Possible Futures seven-date album tour, you’d think that Melbourne-come-LA boys Miami Horror would be absolutely tired out by this point. But they proved everyone wrong with their upbeat electro-pop, cheeky stage antics and overenthusiastic crowd surfing.

The first act to support Miami Horror were locals Cleopold. Sounding a lot like Midnight Juggernauts meets Art VS Science, their music was highly danceable. Unfortunately, the fact that they were all seated seemed to put punters off, however, a few rouge members of Miami Horror could be seen at the front of the crowd absolutely rocking their socks off. They played a cheeky cover of Miami Horror’s song that they feature in, with the ‘Love Like Mine’ taking over towards the end of their set. It got a really great reaction from the crowd, almost like they were trying to warm everyone up for the main act in a really sneaky fashion.

Although she was 30 minutes late, JOY.’s beautiful airy vocal tones washed over the crowd and all was forgiven. However, she played with a full band this time – something unbeknown to JOY. Fans – where she usually plays with just herself, a synth and a laptop – alternating between singing and tapping keys. Her music hit all the right notes literally and emotionally, disconnecting audiences as no one particularly harnessed JOY.. Her set all just blended together a tad too much, and it was hard to differentiate her vocals from everything else around her. It was quite overwhelming and as a result, a lot of the crowd weren’t really even paying attention (which was a shame, because her vocals were absolutely on point).

 After some really terrible technical difficulties (there was a sound guy in front of him for the first quarter of his set fiddling with all the wires), Young Franco managed to absolutely shake the crowd out of it’s haze. Suddenly, everyone was dancing and his remixes were feverish, with his remix of ‘One More Time’ by Daft Punk standing out.

By the time Miami Horror took to the stage, everyone was so pumped from Young Franco already that the excitement in the room could’ve probably lifted the roof. Even though they were a few minutes of schedule, everyone waited patiently with bated breath and as soon as the lights dimmed, everyone started cheering. The band seemed to enjoy teasing everyone and took a while to get on stage, but when they did they began with the opener for their current album, All Possible Futures ‘American Dream’, lead singer Aaron Shanahan directed the crowd’s attention with his clunky and floaty vocals clashing against the upbeat, racey band.

‘I Look To You’ was next, with Shanahan and secondary vocalist Josh Moriarty taking turns in singing Kimbra’s part in the song. Their vocals didn’t really flatter the track, but they followed up with ‘Sometimes’ and the crowd completely lost it. Shanahan really worked the audience and kept the energy in the room at top level by bounding around the stage, at one point during a re-hash of ‘Love Like Mine’ he jumped on the drum kit and nearly stole the show entirely. It actually almost became a bit of a competition between Shanahan and Moriarty at one point to get the crowd’s attention, as Moriarty could be seen climbing up the wall to the lights before casually dropping down and resuming playing (Shanahan also tackled him mid-song later in the set and made a quick recovery by dancing along the top of the front speakers on stage, it was hilarious).

Miami Horror were just entertaining in every way possible. When the crowd wasn’t dancing along to the music (crowd favourites were ‘Real Slow’ and ‘Holidays’ towards the end of the set), they were giggling at the boys antics on stage. See them if you wanna dance to your heart’s content and then some.