Selling out four consecutive nights at The Corner Hotel is no easy task, but low-key Perth band Methyl Ethyl not only did that but also presented a fantastic and unique live show. The rise of the generic surfy guitar rock bands of late has been in droves. However, Methyl Ethyl sets themselves apart with their range of musical styles. Not across a single genre, nor even a multitude of genres, Methyl Ethyl sits in their own entire realm and this is perhaps why they are so damn popular.

Opening their performance with ‘Summer Moon’, the crowd all decided they wanted to be a close to the front as possible and a crush ensured. However, as the smooth vocals of Jake Webb filled the room, a relaxed atmosphere encompassed the venue.

The stand out performance was ‘Rouges’- their most critically acclaimed work. Gently flowing guitars and a steady rhythm section allow for the stunning vocals to be at the forefront of the audience’s mind. Transporting you onto an Australian beach in the height of summer the vocals ask ‘why don’t you remember back in the summertime when it was so hot.’ Sad undertones accompany shortly after, pleading ‘we wanted to escape….didn’t you know it?’

Other notable tracks included the flanger heavy guitar and echoing vocals in ‘Idee Fixe’. Not to be forgotten were new tracks from Everything is Forgotten such as ‘Weeds Through the Rind’, ‘L’Heure des Sorcières’ and ‘Drink Wine’. Following in the same vein as previous works, these newer pieces are even better. The steady flowing dreamscape of sounds is ever present through the entire night.

Catchy repetitive bass line drives the last performance of the evening, with the entire crowd dancing around like there’s no tomorrow. Without a doubt, ‘Ubu’ is a stellar track, with every punter singing along. Jangly guitars accompany the rhythm section and fit harmoniously with Webb’s vocals and oh boy does it sound good.

The line ‘why’d you have to go and cut your hair’ is fantastic. Such strong imagery is evoked and the statement is asked over and over to great effect. Webb’s ability to tell a story with limited vocals is a true skill, and one could only look forward to what the future hold’s for Methyl Ethyl.

In recent times the band have gained an increasingly large fan-base and it’s not hard to see why. Sitting somewhere between dream pop and psych rock, they band are unique and are defiantly on the rise.