Three sold out shows speaks for itself. Matt Corby, once a young Aussie Idol hopeful is now a soulful, mature vocal powerhouse. Opening his emotive set with ‘Belly Side Up’, the resonating piano synth combined with a slow, purposeful clicking by Corby into the microphone was magical. This new tune from his latest album Telluric clearly is a step away from his poster boy pop-roots. Deliberate and echo filled instrumentation accompany jazzy vocal runs characterise the track and is a welcomed change.

Stepping away from the microphone only briefly to grab a flute, which was used to fill the room with sweet, neo-jazz melodies it was a somewhat unexpected but a wonderful addition to the already fantastic song. Slowly reducing in instruments, the performance slowed down more and more until just the resonating bass can be heard. It was nothing short of a spine-tingling, goose bumps all over your skin start to a show.Once of the most captivating parts of the show was Corby’s stage presence featuring fellow band members arranged around Matt in a dark and ominous semi-circle. Matt was the centrepiece, standing in very casual black attire, hands clasped his chest with just a single beam of light shining down on him. In what could only be described as a meditative state he remained still, with the rare exception of a few moments when he lifted his head to extend his vocal range and it felt like Jesus himself had came down from the heavens.

Moving through material from Telluric there was outstandingly large range of styles of music presented. ‘Wrong Man’ is a slow ballad, featuring a single piano accompaniment which fit very nicely with the overall laid back relaxed demeanour. ‘Monday’ saw Corby further illustrate his skills as a versatile and brilliant performer. Using a loop pedal, without any musical accompaniment in combination with a choir of voices was a crowd favourite.

Although the Palais Theatre is a rather large venue, the intimacy of the set was felt in an exchange in the middle of the set between Corby and a random lucky punter. Speaking an entirety of about 15 words for the entire set, this mystique was broken for just a moment. When casually asking the audience “Hey, how’s everyone going?” one decided to yell “Yeah gooood mate, how are you?” in a very thick Australian accent. Giggling for a moment, which was followed by a gorgeous smile, Corby then answered back “I’m really good, thanks for asking.” Such statement, among laugher, truly made the audience into a state of warm-comfortableness one that echoed the sentiment of the entire show.
The old favourites were not to be discounted ‘Brother’ and ‘Souls A’Fire’ gained the expected applause but were overshaded by the newer mature sounds of from his latest release, Telluric.

Retreating from the stage for a brief moment, an encore consisting of ‘Why Dream’, ‘Empire’ and lastly with a cover of Sam Cooke’s ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ was to close. A single yellow beam of light shone up Corby as he delivered the finale, which can only be described as a truly beautiful ballad. The song begins and appropriately finishes with the lyrics “Its been a long time coming” and as Corby’s voice resonated throughout my entire body, a standing ovation provided an appropriate send-off for what was a terrific show.