Brisbane shoe gazers Major Leagues, were catapulted into the global blog sphere at the end of 2013, drawing praise from tastemakers in the USA, Canada, South America, Asia, Europe, South Africa, and the UK.

At home in Australia, band have spent a majority of 2013 on the road, supporting the likes of Beach Fossils (USA), Wild Nothing (USA), as well as The Preatures, Violent Soho, Ball Park Music, and Jeremy Neale.  

We caught up with Vlardy as they were about to hit the wide open road once again for their ‘Weird Season EP Tour’ with The Ocean Party.


Your film clip for ‘Silver Tides’ looks like a lot of fun and I think a lot of people could relate to that situation, how was it filming the clip?

We filmed the first part of the clip in our friend’s bar. Anna and I made some huge bowls of sangria and we made a makeshift snorricam out of a tool belt. Pretty nifty.


You guys love to add little details to your shows like beaded jewelry for sale, can audiences expect come little quirks like this at your up coming tour?

We have new beaded jewels, they have fruits on them and they make me hungry always. I also decided to be an overachiever and make some tote bags and throw glitter all over them and I ended up ingesting so much glitter.


You have been named to play The Great Escape in the UK in May this year, how does it feel to have an opportunity like this coming up?

It’s pretty ridiculous to think that we will be playing our set on the other side of the world. We’ve had some orders for our merch in the UK as well which is crazy. We are so stupidly excited. 


Looking at your Facebook and Tumblr you guys love to let your fans in on your lives on the road and at home, how important is it for you guys to stay in close contact with your fans?

Haha well I can’t speak for the other dudes but I pretty much use the Major Leagues social media network as a personal forum for all of my dumb photos. 

When I see bands I like post fun stuff on socials I really enjoy it so I guess in that sense it keeps me close to them. So hopefully it works for us too!


You guys are touring with The Ocean Party and have previously toured with The Preatures, Violent Soho and Ball Park Music, how important do you think it is for aussie acts to support each other’s work?

Its super important! There are so many brilliant Australian bands at the moment and we were lucky enough to convince The Ocean Party to come along with us on tour. We are all huge fans.


Looking at your Triple J Unearthed page, Triple J presenters Amelia Chappelow, Linda Marigliano, Dom Alessio and Maggie Collins have all had a listen to your stuff and are loving it. How surreal is it to know your music is making an impression on people who are working in the industry and listening to bands all day every day?

It’s really great that we are writing the music that we want to be writing and it’s being well received by the industry as well as the general public. 


We’ve heard audiences can expect to hear brand new tracks on stage during your Weird Season Tour, can we expect the same good vibes and dancey tunes we’ve heard from you guys previously?

We have new music! Some are dancey, some are not so dancey, some are sad and dancey and Jake does some singing. 


You’ve had a lot of airtime on community radio, how important do you think community radio is for audiences throughout Australia?

National radio broadcasters aside, community radio plays a huge role in distributing independent new music throughout Australia. We have had some amazing support from local radio stations around Australia. 


What else is in store for 2014? Can we expect more music and more shows? 

I’m writing this from the back seat of a hatchback wedged between Anna and a box of shirts, 2 hours into a 12 hour trip to Sydney. This will definitely be a regular occurrence over the next 10 months methinks. 

We are looking forward to recording and writing more as well! 


What festivals or venues would you love to play at?

We were love to go to the States, play Austin City Limits, SXSW. Oh and Meredith would be amazing as well.



Saturday 15 February @ The Workers Club – Melbourne 

Thursday 20 February @ Alhambra Lounge – Brisbane 

Friday 21 February @ Spotted Cow – Toowoomba 

Saturday 22 February @ Sol Bar – Maroochydore


Questions by Anna Walsh