Bombarded with an overwhelming energy right from the opening bar, Luca Brasi welcomes you warmly into their highly anticipated LP, If This Is All Were Going To Be. Written between overcoming the hurdles that come with living in different parts of the most forgotten Australian state of ye’ old Tasmania and attempting to fit in time to tour, the record breathes slowly. Being arguably the most loveable quartet to ever have called the sleepy apple isle home, Luca Brasi offer forward the dynamic final product that forms their third LP.  ‘Aeroplane’ initiates the release with infectiously warm fast paced instrumentals setting up the organic rise and fall of pace and tone throughout the LP in its entirety.

If This Is All We’re Going To Be snatches listeners into the release from the very first bar of the first track – tantalising; taking them on a developmental journey – right until the final track of ‘Count Me Out’, where rawness resonates,  “If this is all were gonna be, I have developed a taste for defeat” slowly fades it all to a close.  An especially strong sense of continuity emerges within this release in each track, regardless if they were written over a space of two years. They fit miuch together like a sonic puzzle, exhibiting a new level of dynamics for the collective.

The second track follows on in the footsteps of ‘Aeroplane’ while building upon its fast paced nature. ‘Say It Back’ utilises drums as a leading point, swirling together with progressive guitars as they bridge together with captivating lyrics delivered in a controlled manner. These chords fluctuate between mesmerising cleans and a carefully placed abrasiveness; the lyrics anchoring  a sense of vulnerability within sentences. The development from the beginning right through to the end creates a complete body of work that, when listened to, is an entity that matures alongside the listener. Punchy tones, high and low fluctuation of energies are all combined with new hits, articulated well within ‘Treading Water’ as it breathes“I can still smell your perfume when I’m so far from home.”

Warm combinations, alongside a certain reminiscent punk-punchiness, create a careful balance of melody and continuity. Throughout the record, each track draws together into one cohesive aural body of work that exhibits maturity in Luca Brasi’s sound.

If This Is All We’re Going To Be is available April 29th via Poison City Records.