Lowtide have recently launched a brand new album. Giles Fielke (bass/vox) had a chat to us about their influences, how they create their unique sound (Good Cop/Bad Cop… Obviously) and their new releases which have been likened to twins, with matching haircuts.

What music are you listening to at the moment? What album’s or artists recommendations do you have for Speaker TV readers?
Elianne Radigue and Laurie Spiegel. Sometimes I listen to them both at the same time.

Your sound is very euphoric dream pop. How would you describe the creative process of your sound?
Interestingly the creative process that produces euphoric dream pop is the opposite: cold, calculating, and methodical in its repetition. Can you have the same dream twice? Recurring dream could be the name of our next album. That, or “Nightmares Sweating the Bed.”

Lowtide have a very unique dual vocals and dual bass structure in the band. How does this affect the song writing process?
In many ways it is a good-cop/bad-cop style situation, where the song is being interrogated under the bright white light of compromised judgement. In exactly the way you would imagine it playing out in a Seinfeld episode. Pathetic, but good humoured.


‘Julia’ is a cover song that was produced in 1988 by the French band Asylum Party. What made you choose to rework this song into your upcoming release? Is it important to the band?
It’s the perfect song!

What was it like working Gareth Parton for the track ‘Spring’?
It was a euphoric dream that quickly turned into a nightmare. And then turned back into a dream again, thank God!

What should fans expect for your upcoming release? Are there any standout tracks you’re keen to share?
We would like both tracks to stand out equally, they are twins. They even have the same haircuts (their haircuts are called Arthur, btw). Fans should expect twins. We will love them both equally, promise.

If you could swap one of your members out with one from another band, who would you swap out and why?
I would swap out Anton to have him replaced by Loz Colbert, because his name sounds like a cheese.


You just recently launched your album at The Tote, have there been any standout moments while playing or touring?
We had a really nice meal at a burger joint near Tym’s Guitars in Brisbane, then went to Tym’s right after (hours) and poked around with some dudes. There is a photo of it somewhere, but I remember it as being a really nice night all said and done. It’s so nice and comfortable in there.

What are you hoping to achieve with your latest release in terms of future direction?
Order and consistency, infinity.

LOWTIDE The Julia/Spring 7″ Tour Dates

Saturday 29 August  
Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

Sunday 30 August
Newtown Social Club, Sydney

Saturday 5 September
Trainspotters, Brisbane

‘Julia/Spring’ 7″ out Friday 28th August on Vinyl via Lost & Lonesome
Digital available now via Bandcamp!