Upon the completion of his trans- Tasman tour on the success of dance track ‘The Way’, we had a chat with Louis Baker, gaining insight into the humble songwriter’s inspirations and collaborative processes.

Your music encompasses a melting pot of soul, pop and Motown sounding material. Where do you draw your influences from in your music? Does this affect the way you perform or write as a singer-songwriter?

We are all sentient beings, so naturally we tend to soak up the environment we are in. I draw influence from the many talented, inspiring individuals that have walked this earth, and equally from the earth and universe itself. It’s the people you meet. It’s the things you experience in the day, large or little. They all effect where you’re heading.

You’ve recently been quite successful with the release of ‘The Way’, which of course was remixed by Devin Abrams. What is your creative process in collaborating with another artist or producer? Are there any challenges you enjoy from the process?

When I work with someone on a new track, I try to find a shared vision between us. I am a person who likes to have a clear idea of the concept, and the message. It helps me write. So it’s about finding out what we would like to share and capture in the song, and then work with one another to express that energy.

In collaboration with another dance track artist, Jordan Rakei (Disclosure), you made ‘Just Want To Thank-You’. What’s the most rewarding element to arise from working with such different creative calibres?

Each person has a unique story. Each song is different. Sometimes the song takes on a mind of it’s own, and flows like a river. I love it when that happens.

Your music is strong and almost effortless in lyrical content. Is there a place or inspiration that compels your lyrics and writing?

Poetry is the first place I go looking. Sometimes I write in the backyard of my mother’s place. Peaceful and sunny.

Specifically, what lead you to create your self-titled EP that was based on the concept of people dealing with change?

I’ve never been asked that question before. I can only say that ‘change’ is something I’ve done a lot of thinking about. More in particular, the common inability for us humans to accept change easily. I think we find it easy to hold on to things. We find it easy to live in the past. So the EP is about how we deal with those emotions.

‘Just Want To Thank-You’ was recorded at the Red Bull Academy of Music where you were a part of the 2013 class. What was it like being a part of the Red Bull Academy of Music? What was the most valuable thing gained from that experience?

The opportunity to have the experience of going was the most valuable. I am blessed to have so many wonderful things happen to me, and try not to take them for granted. The people I met were beautiful, and it was special to be somewhere completely different to the small place where I come from.

After playing numerous shows across Europe, you came to Australia to play at the Splendour in the Grass Festival earlier this year. What was the most rewarding and surprising thing to perform at such an eclectic music festival?

Birds – I was happy to share something different. People loved it.

What are you hoping the New Year will bring come 2016?

More touring, more recording, and heaps more amazing places!