After being together for at least five years, Loon Lake have decided to call it quits. But not before a final free-of-charge album (Low Res) and tour, of course.

To accompany them on the last leg of their Final Wave tour, Loon Lake brought with them Melbourne band Reptiles. The first thing most people noticed walking into the venue was that they had closed off the second stage and bar – usually a sign of a slow night, but the turnout for the first band alone was relatively decent.

The best way to describe Reptiles is interesting. Country mixed with a natural transfusion of rock, but in the way of Reptiles, the four-piece sounded more like an imprudent wall of noise. Although their sound was at times deafening, there was nothing fainéant about their performance. It was the kind of thing where even if you didn’t like the amalgam of country and rock, you just couldn’t look away. There was an aura about them that held everyone captive, even if some seemed perturbed by their sound.

Next on the agenda was Sydney two-piece, Polish Club. The vocals gave a cheeky wink to The Black Keys, but they gave it a twist that gave them a really unique sound. However, aside from their sonic appeal, as a whole they were quite a mundane act to watch – they moved very little, which is somewhat understandable as they are a two-piece, but it left their audience underwhelmed and restless, opting to chat rather than pay attention.

When Loon Lake took to the stage, they began with ‘On Fire’, which was racey and uplifting, especially considering the previous performance. A few tunes later we arrived at ‘Surfin’’, which was delivered with consummate energy, and as a result it was an absolute tune and the crowd went crazy for it. In between songs, frontman Sam Nolan made it quite clear very quickly that he’d had a lot to drink prior, (props for honesty), and it his contingent demeanour was infectious. A few songs later, we arrived at a cover of The xx’s ‘Angels’; the first of many covers. The crowd sang along as if they were a part of the band, and when Nolan thanked everyone for choosing them over Mumford & Sons that evening, there wasn’t a hint of regret to be seen.

If we’re being honest here, a lot of the crowd though, were mostly there to witness the 2012 hit, ‘Cherry Lips’. As expected, everyone went wild, although the expression on the band’s faces were priceless. You could tell that they were completely over playing ‘Cherry Lips’, and appeared almost thankful when they strung the final note. But to balance this, Loon Lake included covers of The Darkness’s ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’ and The Zuton’s ‘Valerie’, both hits in and outside of the crowded venue, and when they finished on ‘In The Summer’, they invited a few members of the crowd onto the stage – which ended up as half the room and a few unplugged guitars.

Either way, they went out with a (second last show) bang.

Goodbye Loon Lake, we’ll miss you.