New Zealand outfit Leisure has just released their twelve track self- titled album, and they are showing the world why they are truly a band of the digital age. With the steady release of the best music from their legendary week-long writing and recording sessions at a West Auckland beach house, the group has been an international success amongst popular music blogs.

The Kiwi music collective kicks off their LP fiercely with single ‘Got It Bad’, which has already surpassed three million hits since its early release eighteen months ago. The single also sets the aura of the entire album, which proves to be easy listening smooth blue-eyed soul and RnB.

The mood immediately picks up with tracks two and three, ‘Hot Love’ and ‘Take It To The Top’, slightly speeding up the tempo and incorporating more lyrics to achieve a fast paced feel. The instrumentation is almost futuristic and gives the listener a revolutionary vibe, making it exceptionally unique. ‘Know You Better’ and ‘Something About You’ follow the slightly uptempo funk pattern of the previous tracks, but each provides further diversity in their respective melodies and vocal patterns.

The release takes a tranquil turn with the track ‘Deeper’, which reduces the speed to lower, more reflective gear. The instrumentation is drastically cut back to allow a spacey and ambient feel. Following on, ‘All Over You’ remains on the slower slide, but picks it up slightly with the use of a subtle, yet catchy beat.

‘Control Myself’ and ‘Nobody Ft. GoldLink’ really channel the funk with the soulful vocals and repetitive lyrical pattern, making the songs unforgettable and catchy. American rapper GoldLink showcases a short, but bewildering, feature in ‘Nobody’. The tenderness really pours through these two tracks with sentimental vocal inflections and soft, emotional deliveries from all artist.

Track ten is titled ‘Moonbeam’, which was the second single released in preparation of the bands October 21 album release. The song is a little more digital than first single ‘Got It Bad‘, proving to be a perfect contrast in displaying the overall diversity of the album.

The powerful vocals and well thought out structure of each song remains throughout the last two tracks ‘Your Love’ and ‘Till The End Of Time’, wrapping up the album beautifully. It is easy to see LEISURE is made up of experienced and unbelievably talented musicians, with the album as solid proof.

LEISURE have already announced to the world it’s potential, and one can only imagine what to expect next. Definitely keep your eye out for future projects from these guys.


You can stream LEISURELeisure right HERE