23-year-old Melbourne MC, Juñor may be commonly known as the DJ behind the decks for Ivan Ooze, but he’s just cemented himself as much, much more. The producer, engineer and all-round chiller has dropped a new mixtape and has once again proven that he works best in the studio and deserves a centre stage spot at all times.

Free Mined: Psyde A sees the local hip-hop artist working alongside prominent producers including Norman Court, E.Jacobs, PattyBoomba, HNT of Primat and SeeoBeats. With endless charisma and the type of character that calls for connection, it’s no wonder he was able to gather the homegrown support. Released by R.E.A.L Music, a collaboration created by the artist and his brother and fellow artist Matthew Craig, the mixtape kicks off with Free Mind’. The opening tune brings just over a minute of relaxing rhythms and transfixing reverberation. A sinister laugh swelling throughout, the song is a sure fire way to freely take someone’s attention without having to demand it. From the beginning, Juñor’s sound has an innate ability to lift listeners up, both physically and spiritually.

Female vocalist, Netti needs no other introduction than her silky, smoke styled vocal performance in StarDrip’. Breathing out nothing but euphoria, the tune is one with a slow take. Juñor’s slapping, slick vocals are punched out with powerful force, fast enough to impress but delivered in a direct manner. “Risking thousand dollar fines, but forgive me I promise to have a hell of a time” is taken from the heart of the carefree talent just looking to enjoy life and whose preference is “Peace, love, free mind”. Joined by PattyBoomba, Juñor’s ‘Soul So Bliss’ is something from a tripped out, hazy cartoon. Reminiscent of a twisted Oompa Loompa anthem, the chorus is one that you’re sure to catch yourself singing. With a left to right rhythm, the tune soon brings in an unexpected guitar riff that instantly removes the artist from any expectations.

Always experimenting, Juñor’s ‘[AU]ra’ rides on a thick instrumental production that includes piano, plenty of percussion and a playful flute. “I can’t afford to buy a forth, I got my aura though. We split a sugar cube, we might avoid the border bro”, the young creative’s lyrical content is consistent and seriously clever. Bringing in the big guns, the next two tracks feature none other than Lyall Moloney. Double dosing his vocal performance, Lyall never ceases to excite an audience. An ode to an unnamed lady, ‘Blunt Lips’ positions the artists in an almost hip-hop infused pop paradise, a place they seem to blend in beautifully. ‘All These Days’ is like the most popular guy in school, too cool and everyone totally wants a part of it.

Scotty Newnham and PattyBoomba link up with Juñor for Better View’ – a hypnotic love letter that’ll leave you at least a little in lust. Slowing it down to seep a soulful soundscape, the performer pronounces “I love the way you move, it’s got me bumping Outkast circa 2002 lady” with a subtle kick drum arrangement soaking underneath. In no rush to ‘Take It Slow’, Juñor’s accompanied by Scott Newnham, Bally Africa and Matthew Craig in his closing track. Riding until they die and smoking until they fly, the collaborative effort doesn’t go unnoticed. Instead, it acts as an incredible end to a killer release. Some may call it hip-hop, some may call it music to get lit to, I just call it bloody brilliant. There’s no telling as to where Juñor’s talents will take him, all I know is that there’s just no limit to how high he can go.

Free Mined: Psyde A is available now via R.E.A.L Music Family;
click here to have a free listen. For more information, head here.