San Cisco, who burst onto the scene (and into our hearts) with 2012’s Awkward EP, are set to make their long-awaited comeback on the back of their forthcoming LP, which by all reports is right around the corner. With details being scarce at the moment, fans are eating up their recent release of ‘SloMo’ and the accompanying B-side, ‘B-Side’. If you haven’t checked either out yet, you’re in for a treat. Check out the smooth moves, and keep an eye out for the cheeky banana:

Speaking to Can Sisco‘s Jordi Davieson about the 70’s inspired clip, specifically that incredible dancing, Jordi revealed that San Cisco love to boogie – which isn’t surprising considering their music is so danceable. Jordi, not being used to choreographed dancing, admitted that fellow band mate and dance partner Scarlett Stevens and himself “had a week to learn it and Scarlett picked it up quite quickly – I didn’t pick it up so quickly.”

Remaining members (Nick Gardner and Josh Biondillo) are notably absent from the clip, so we asked Jordi if they’re any good at dancing – to which he confirmed, they are very good. Jordi described their styles as very different – Josh is a disco cowboy and Nick is a soul stripper.” Here’s hoping San Cisco‘s next clip will showcase these incredible-sounding dance styles.

Another notable aspect of the video pictures Jordi and Scarlett laying on top of a pile of bodies. Turns out they are “all very good friends of [San Cisco‘s] so it was super comfortable.” Hoping that there would be a funny story along the lines of someone farting, we’re a little disappointed but nonetheless pleased that the shooting experience was positive.

Their other latest serving is the adorable and highly-danceable B-Side. It’s the kind of track that makes you want to move like a disco cowboy. Being a B-Side, the amount of attention and praise the track has received is a welcomed surprise – especially for Jordi himself, humbly claiming that he’s “always surprised by any attention we get.” The adorable video features Jordi‘s younger sister Peppa and her partner, Matt. Keeping in line with tradition, dancing is also featured!

Speaking of the recording process, you’d assume the third time around would be a bit different. Turns out it’s not – for San Cisco“it’s still high-end bedroom recording.” But luckily, following the recording of their self-titled debut and 2015’s Gracetown, Jordi now knows that “you actually have to work really hard and have no distractions.” Which explains San Cisco‘s apparent radio-silence on social media at the moment. “Social media isn’t a priority when recording,” Jordi explained, the group are simply “a little engrossed in the process.” 

Once the record is out, Jordi is hoping to “get back out on the road and experience people’s reactions to the songs.” Judging from the quality of SloMo and B-Side, those reactions are sure to be overwhelmingly positive. Jordi described his early career solo-gigging as “Very lonely. It’s a lot more fun doing it with friends,” while emphasising the importance of actually being friends with your fellow band members, “because you’re gonna be spending a lot of time together.” It sure is a lot easier to react well to new tracks when the band you’re watching are having fun with each other.

Melbourne fans will have the chance to spend some time with San Cisco at their upcoming appearance at A Weekend In The Gardens. Playing alongside Boy & Bear and Amy Shark, Jordi is keen to “get involved in any sort of activities and festivities” on the day – so keep an eye out for him!

Don’t miss your chance to catch them in Melbourne’s beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens on Saturday the 11th of March. Make sure to practice your happy face for San Cisco‘s new tracks.

Also appearing at A Weekend In The Gardens is John Farnham, Daryl Braithwaite, and Ross Wilson on Friday, and Icehouse, James Reyne, and Clare Bowditch on Sunday.

Tickets are on sale right now! Don’t miss out!

Friday, March 10 / TICKETS
John Farnham, Daryl Braithwaite, Ross Wilson 

Saturday, March 11 / TICKETS
Boy & Bear, San Cisco, Amy Shark

Sunday, March 12 / TICKETS
Icehouse, James Reyne, Clare Bowditch

For more info, check out A Weekend At The Gardens‘ FAQ.