OPIUO are hitting up Australia for a string of East Coast shows throughout April and May. The future funk legend is bringing his 5 piece band with him to light up dance-floors across the country. Raw and exciting instrumentation in a live setting translates OPIUO‘s music perfectly, and will be something special for audiences to witness. The latest release Omniversal is a slice of electro funk with a hint of soul and a melodic flare. We had OPIUO answer some pressing questions about his music, and his upcoming tour through the country.
What can we expect from this tour?

The 5 piece funkadelic bass music juggernaut known as the OPIUO band surrounded by a super epic & crazy light & laser show! 

What does a day in the life of OPIUO look like?

Wake up. Think of Music. Drink Coffee. Make Music. Eat Lunch. Make Music. Eat Dinner. Make Music. Sleep. Dream of Music. Plus sometimes I travel for hours on end around the globe & play said music for the people. 

How does it feel to be referred to as the ‘pioneer of future funk’? Is it an accurate description of your music?

I guess it is an accurate description in one way, as the funk flows through everything I do, but pioneering something is a little hard to grasp. We all influence each other & all create what we hear whether directly or not. We are all a part of these crazy things called music & life. 

What kind of visuals or aesthetic matches your music?

Colourful, clean, wobbly, fruity, hard hitting, hippo hop, psychedelically adventurous landscapes of textures mighty morphing mass. 

In what ways does travelling and working with other artists add another dimension to your live performance, creativity or production?

It adds everything. A new way of hearing what you’re doing is insanely inspiring. A new melodic history & influence. It’s the dream to work with incredibly talented people all over the globe, and I’m so lucky I get to do it! Eating different food, hearing new city sounds around you, travelling and making music on the daily propels creativity forward at an insane rate. 

Do you have any dream artist collaborations? Any other artists or vocalists that you’d want to bring up on stage?

I’d love to have the opportunity to work with many many artists & producers all the way from the insanity that is Noisia to the lush musical world that is Bonobo. I’d love to work with Method Man on the hip-hop tip, and when she was around Fontella Bass was always a dream on the singing tip. 

Are you a superstitious person?  Do you have any pre-show rituals?

I’m not superstitious, but I definitely go into my own world before a show. I have a little dance I do to get my mind in the right place. Especially band shows. There’s so much to remember!!

Do you find your method of making music to be more of a structured or experimental process? 

Both I’d say. Depends if I’m trying to finish a project at the time, or just starting something fresh and new, seeing where it goes. I enjoy both. Structure is important, but you never progress if experimentation isn’t at the forefront of what you’re doing. My OCD keeps me organised. 

You’ve played some of the biggest music festivals in the world like Glastonbury and Coachella, and now you’re doing a bunch of shows in smaller venues across Australia. Do you go about the shows differently at all?

We have to fit everything onto a smaller stage, so sometimes some lighting or whatever is left out, but that’s about it. I like to treat the biggest stages and the smallest venues as the same. Throwing 1,000,000 % at every gig I ever play no matter the size of the crowd. I love what I do. I want every person who comes to a show I play no matter the size to leave smiling ear to ear. 

Part of touring music is being able to travel the world. Do you make it a priority to give yourself time to see a bit of the world, or is it just play and fly on?

These days my schedule is too tight to really get to explore much. I have a day here and there and I do as much as I can in between sleeping & eating. I spent a lot of time in New Orleans last year recording in between festivals. It was amazing to really dig in there. I can’t wait to release the fruits of those sessions this year. 

Any favourite places to visit or perform? 

Coming back to Australia is always a highlight!! I’ve lived here 12 years now. My music career spawned from here. It still influences the hell out of me. I’m stoked to be back! 

What’s your idea of a perfect venue? 

Outdoor amphitheater under the stars, D&B sound, big stage, colourful light show & a sea of positivity & crazy wild movement in the crowd!!

Are you working on any new music?

Yes I am! A new release is almost done. We’ll be debuting a lot of it live on this tour as well!! 

One word to describe this tour?


Check out the dates for OPIUO‘s tour below, and make sure you get down to a show.

Friday 21 April | 170 Russel Melbourne w/ Hypnotech, Auster, Chamberlain & Badge
Friday 28th April | The Metro Sydney w/ Japanese Wallpaper (DJ Set), Goosebumpz & William.
Friday 5th May |  Limbo Social Club, Cairns w/ The Jack & Tar Nay (Melbourne)
Saturday 6th May | Triffid, Brisbane w/ Thom Thum (live), Toyo, Jesswah & Andy Dubs
Thanks to the legends over at Inmocean, we’ve got a double pass to each show to sling our Speaker readers!
Entires close 12PM Thursday April 20!