Armed only with an angelic voice and a unique musical styling that is sure to leave you astounded, Kezra and her new single ‘Missing You’ has carved out a place within the Australian music zeitgeist, bearing a message of hope and unity that would inspire even the darkest of hearts. Kezra is on her way to a bright future and ‘Missing You’ is the perfect next step.

“This would have to be one of my most personal and vulnerable songs I have released and I’m so happy to share a little bit of my heart and soul with you.” -Kezra on ‘Missing You’

In an impressive beginning to her surely fruitful career, Kezra succeeded in finding a niche within the musical landscape upon the release of her debut single ‘Better Place’. The single reached over 50 thousand streams over Spotify and succeeded beyond Australia to secure a place on UK radio. Kezra has established herself as an impressive force to be reckoned with in the indie-pop genre, whose potential to take the world by storm has been highlighted by her sold-out single launch, performance at the NRL Grand Final, and spot on Triple J’s unearthed.

Touching upon her songwriting process, Kezra begins her experience by “just playing around on the piano or guitar. I come up with different riffs, chord structures and then when something catches my attention, my thought process starts to become interesting.” After which, “the melodies start looping in my mind, then I start to sing them out loud with words that don’t make any sense. Then comes the hard part, creating the story.”

Generally, it’s the music, but sometimes a lyric and melody will come to mind. But then, it takes a lot longer to put the song together.”

Kezra freely admits to the lack of structure in her writing process. She rejects self-imposed time constraints, choosing to write her music when the mood is right for her, commenting that “I don’t think I have a particular time of the day I am more likely to write, but usually when no one is home during the day is more convenient.”

Reflecting on any difficulties she’s had to face in creating her work, Kezra relates that there weren’t many challenges in creating her music and working within her partnerships. “Working with Mark was so easy, he really gets my vibe. We knew exactly where we wanted to head with the song and it got there!”

On her forthcoming single, Kezra’s describing ‘Missing You’ as “emotional and personal”, with her desire to spark a sense of hope within her audience. Something tells me, that’s exactly what she’ll achieve.

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