Get ready guys, we’ve discovered a rare find for you. Melbourne-based, London Topaz is one of the latest gems to grace Australia’s dance music scene. The 21-year old talent is currently sitting on the back of his first single ‘Hybrid Heart’ and is set to unveil his highly anticipated follow-up, Let You Go feat. JANEVA via Stoney Roads Records next week.

‘Hybrid Heart’ saw London Topaz taking a turn from tradition and tuning to a frequency of 432hz, a level which has been directly linked to the natural and harmonious response of our environmental surroundings and our very being as humans. After an incredible response to his debut release, the local producer has clearly encapsulated the essence of his music artistry to its entirety and is now ready to share the next level of his sound with us. With a production style that places him at the pinnacle of precision and a distinct vision into the future, London Topaz has already established himself as one to watch. In preparation for his single – which FYI will drop Friday August 19 – London Topaz allowed us to delve deep into the depths of his inspirations, creative process and hopes for the future.

What is music to you?

It’s a matter of escaping time for me. It allows me to sit still and truly understand that the majority of the confusion in life comes from not understanding how little we need as humans. I find it amazing how I can listen to a song for its full duration and forget about everything else, that’s how simple it is, that is how simple life is.

What was the inspiration for your alias ‘London Topaz?

I developed a deeper connection to music a year ago; apart of this was searching for what ignited my passion to live rather than accepting societies values. I made a choice that I wanted to find my true purpose, a true meaning to the life that I am living right now. Before I discovered “London Topaz” I took a step outside my comfort zone, asked myself the tough questions and searched for the intuitive feeling that I had read so much about. I think before I had even began constructing music; everything was leading me to this point.

Youve just released your debut single, Hybrid Heart, can you break down its creation and the inspiration behind the creative process?

It was February 2016 and ZHU had just released his film clip to ‘In the Morning’. ZHU has always inspired me as an artist he has his own sonic identity, which I look up too. So I drew inspiration from his brand as a whole when creating ‘Hybrid Heart’The soft luscious chords, ethereal vocal textures, harsh but gentle percussion and sustained driving bass line. I think every sound compliments each other in ‘Hybrid Heart’. It was an amazing feeling when I sat back after I had completed the first minute of the record and realised that I had created something that I truly truly resonated with, hence why it felt appropriate to be my first release as London Topaz.


“My music has this strong emotive aura. I think that’s because I try and connect on a whole with the production process.”

What single will you release next? Whats your favourite element of its production?

Friday August 19, via Stoney Roads Records. The single is named ‘Let You Go’ with an incredible vocalist, JANEVA. It’s a beautiful song, I’ve listened to it a stupid amount of times and I am still not sick of it so I guess that’s a good thing. It holds these beautiful subtle chords that project you to this ethereal ambient place and JANEVA sings from this incredible part of her soul: it’s truly unbelievable, every element in this record holds a special characteristic.

What makes your music different from others? Whats the distinctive factor?

My music has this strong emotive aura. I think that’s because I try and connect on a whole with the production process. I’ve definitely gone for a minimalist approach, only having very few elements appear at once, to me it gives listeners more of a chance to break down the surface value of each sound and truly understand & connect with my productions.

How do you feel when you have completed a record that resonates with you?

Oh, the feeling I get is incredible, it’s almost like I snap out of this incredible focus after hours and I don’t remember what I have done until I actually listen back & then it hits me. I never truly understood what artists meant when they said ‘You gotta feel it’ now I do.

What drives you the most when it comes to writing music?

It’s knowing that I am doing what I love each and every day. I get to wake up in the morning, close my studio door and enter this zone that only I understand.


What types of things inspire you to write do you have a certain place that you feel most comfortable creating or a preparation technique before you begin?

I like to connect with myself before I begin writing. Apart of this process is just taking 10 minutes to practice stillness, so before I begin writing I focus on nothing but breathing to ensure I am connecting with the most peaceful part of creativity.

What drew you towards dance music?

I became curious as to how artists extracted sounds out of software. I bought the Ministry of Sound compilations and listened to them over and over again, playing with an old equaliser my dad had sitting around for the stereo system at home. I was amazed at how dropping certain frequencies could muffle sound and lifting them could make sounds brighter, that was probably what really drew me towards dance music and forced me to delve into the art behind it.

“Before I begin writing I focus on nothing but breathing to ensure I am connecting with the most peaceful part of creativity.”

Which artists do you draw inspiration from?

Flight Facilities are my go to inspiration, their brand, their sound; it’s truly unique and amazing. I saw them at Beyond the Valley 2015/16 and I was in awe at how incredible their show was as a whole. They are two dudes I’d love to meet and thank one day. RUFUS, Lane 8, ZHU & Running Touch are a few others that inspire, whether it’s certain elements in their sound, their brand or their success. I think they are great artists to model myself on.

If you could work alongside any producer in the world, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Hans Zimmer. I’m big on extracting certain emotions out of records. He does this like no other. His Interstellar soundtrack is one of a kind, I’d love to sit down with him for five minutes and pick apart his brain. Truly incredible.

Let You Go feat JANEVA is out August 19 via Stoney Road Records. For more information, click here.