You might have heard Huntly on a sleepy afternoon, dipping into Soundcloud’s remote and mysterious new R&B artists to emerge from Melbourne. Sharing future meets electronic soul, their music is characterised by swirling rythms, sigh-heavy lyrics and bass so vigorous it deep roots itself as moody; complex. Having supported Japanese Wallpaper, Oscar Key Sung & Andras Fox, as well as curating and headlining ‘This Girl’ event presented by LISTEN, with support from Woodes, Felicity Yang and more; the trio are taking downtime to spice up there upcoming live shows. From ‘We Made It’ to ‘Sunday Sheets’, we caught up with the three-piece praise ahead of their single launch this week.

Tell us about the process behind ‘We Made It’. How did you create such an ambient track?
If I remember correctly, it originally came about from one of those impromptu jams that descended onto us from heaven in the living room, while we were meant to be doing serious practice.

Can we expect similar sounds from your forthcoming EP?
Yes and no x 1000.

Were there any artists or experiences that influenced ‘We Made It’?
2/3 of us were living together and listening to a fair bit of UK Garage and R&B artists like Burial, Kode9, Kele Le Roc etc. It had been a bender of a summer and we had just farewelled our dearest friend/band confidant, so lyrically it became a love song to him.

“We are in a deeply complex mutant relationship with each other.”

How has Huntly developed as a band across the last few months? Has there been some self-discovery that has changed your creative direction?
We are in a deeply complex mutant relationship with each other. Musically we might be refining things a little, but that being said the other day during practice we started playing some kind of shouting funk music, so I’m still not sure we know how to align ourselves with any particular vibe. We’ve always known we want to make electronic music live and are still pushing for that. The last year has been a turning point in that we’ve made a serious commitment to playing with women and non-all-male acts, because there are so many good ones, and this industry is grossly dude-heavy.

Do you ever get stuck when it comes to creative direction? Do you have a comfort food or habit?
When we get stuck, we have Fight Club.

Who are some of your favourite upcoming Melbourne acts at the moment?
Spike Fuck, Squidgenini, Full Flower Moon Band, Kirkis, Two Steps on the Water, Gabriella Cohen, Gregor, Karli White.

If you could pick anyone in the world to collaborate with, who would it be?
Kendrick Lamar, Nils Frahm, Blu Cantrell.

What can we expect from Huntly once the debut EP is released?
We’ve got a launch to celebrate the EP in collaboration with LISTEN on May 27. It will be great to finally liberate ourselves from that work, so we can swiftly move on to the next creative plane.

And finally, where to now for 2016?
We’re gonna make some no.1 hits. See you in Bangersville, L.A.

We Made It Single Launch

Thursday April 14th || The Gasometer
w/ Huntly, Mondegreen, Corin & Squidgenini || Event Details