Situated in the heart of Brunswick is Hopestreet Recordings, Melbourne’s premiere funk/soul/groove independent music label. If you live in Melbourne and love your funk and soul music, chances are you’ve heard of these guys or an artist on their roster. I was lucky enough to get a lil’ sneak peak inside HQ and speak to David Thor, resident minion and guitarist extraordinaire from The Cactus Channel and Frida.

What is Hopestreet Recordings?
HopeStreet Recordings is an independent record label based in Brunswick, Melbourne. We started out about 7 years ago by releasing a 45 from the instrumental group The PutBacks. Now we’ve released a solid 8 LPs and a big handful of 45’s, including the launch of our sub-label Wyall Style. HopeStreet generally records and produces funk/soul, latin, afrobeat and some hip hop, with the imprint focusing on more indie/alternative/pop releases.


How did it all begin?
It all began in the downstairs (in the ex-karate dojo) studio where we tracked The PutBacks to analogue tape. We just wanted to put out music from our friends… Which got us interested in the industry and the record making process.

 Who are some of the artists on the roster?
The Cactus Channel, The Bombay Royale, Emma Donovan & The PutBacks, San Lazaro, Quarter Street, Zillanova and The Meltdown. Frida lives on Wyall Style.


How do you achieve that old-school soul sound in the studio in 2016?
Label heads and engineer extraordinaire’s Tristan Ludowyk and Bob Knob are the key elements to this. That and the pairing of tape machines, funky mics, dark pre-amps, and good knowledge.


Anything awesome coming up that people should know about?
There’s a new album from one of our artists dropping mid-2016… Keep an eye out. Otherwise, Wyall Style is releasing singles with Frida throughout the year.

Frida, Limbo

Visit the website below or find Hopestreet on Facebook to keep up to date with new music and tours.