Gold Class present to us a thought-provoking and uniquely post-punk release. In combination with the deep vocal stylings of Adam Curley, It’s You produces pure listening pleasure as it unravels.

Initially, Curley’s voice seems somewhat out of place to the laid back, surf rock style at the beginning of their first track ‘Furlong’. However, a change in guitars to a more aggressive Aussie-garage sound is when the deep vocals began to take off. ‘Life As A Gun’ has a tempo that will have listeners tapping their feet from start to finish. Quick, rhythmic guitars accompany a racing drum beat. Again, Curley’s vocals seem somewhat central to the entire track, yet James Purdey‘s guitar tone is not to be discounted which gives the track it’s uniquely buzzy and aggressive feeling.

Taking a step back from the previous track, ‘Bite Down’ and ‘Perverts’ are rather blues-focused and gives the album more depth that your standard post-punk record. The initial philosophy of the band can be heard distinctly through the entirety of It’s YouWe write everything together in a small room… but we also look out for each other’s interests and we’re pretty dedicated to that way of working,” Curley explains. Such founding ideals really set the tone for ‘The Soft Delay’, which ebbs and flows with strong intertwined bass and guitars.

Moving onto a slower pace for the following tracks, which are more lyrically strong than the initial tracks on the album. Tracing political contours is something very Australian, and done explicitly well in ‘Pro Crank’. However, I couldn’t help feeling in some sections of this records a wishing for a change from the serrated guitars and/or a change in vocal pitch.

The closing piano ballad gives the album a final direction I thought not possible from the mould of the previous tracks. The record in its entirety is somewhat similar in the focus and such ‘Shingles (Stay A While)’ is quite simply a welcomed breath of fresh air. Melodic, resonating piano drives this slow, emotional ballad.

Gold Class have a very robust sound when live and, to an extent, I wished this album could have captured that better. However, vocals from Curley work really well are intertwined with the rhythm section which is likely as a result of the band’s “Write everything together” strategy. The lead single ‘Life As A Gun’ has a tempo that will have listeners tapping their feet, but the standout track is an emotional, yet fresh melodic ballad titled Shingles (Stay A While).


‘It’s You’ is out now via Spunk Records.