Bliss n Eso at Fogarty Park, 26/04/2014

A mini hip-hop festival hit Cairns on Saturday night, with Bliss n Eso headlining with support from Horrorshow and Seth Sentry.

Seth Sentry hit the stage at full force to an eager crowd, chanting his name alongside DJ Sizzle. Although the mini-festival hadn’t long started, a couple of people had already gotten into a punch up which caught Sentry’s attention – deeming them the “naughty cage”.  Sentry rapped his hits such as ‘Vacation’, ‘Float Away’ (a crowd favourite!), ‘The Waitress Song’, as well as his triple j Like A Version of Frenzal Rhomb’s ‘Punch in the Face’.  He divided the crowd into ‘hippies’ and ‘business men’ for the song ‘My Scene’, then joked about security setting him up to dob all stoners into the police.

Sentry and Sizzle had great crowd interaction throughout the entire performance, and even offered to set two people up. They borrowed a guy’s batman hat and sunglasses for a song too.

The crowd was sweating it up by the time Sentry finally received his hover board after rapping about it for so long, and he was presented with a hot pink one by Sizzle. Another one of the crowd favourites, arms were in the air when Sentry rapped out his infamous song ‘Dear Science’.

Sentry is infamous for is charismatic and witty performances, and he did not disappoint on Saturday night. Sentry and Sizzle have a stage presence that cannot be matched by any other hip-hop artist, and they were the perfect for getting the crowd pumped for Bliss n Eso.

Bliss n Eso burst on stage – but not before presenting the crowd with a video of themselves preparing for the show.

They experimented with a live band for the first time which included a guitarist, vocalist, drummer and of course DJ Izm.

The rap duo started with the song ‘Family Affair’ from their 2010 album Running on Air.  The crowd were treated to a mixture of songs from the previous three albums.  However, the hit track ‘Act Your Age’ created the most excitement amongst the crowd. Not only did Bliss n Eso hype up the crowd with this track – but beach balls were again flying around the crowd while the film was being played on the screens behind them.

Given that they’ve only recently experimenting with a live band, the songs and the other musicians were highly accepted by the crowd, especially since most rap artists just use a DJ. Bliss n Eso took it to the next level by incorporating a band. They also proved that they could certainly spit some fast paced rhymes.

DJ Izm was given a set of his own so the boys could catch their breath backstage, and you could almost say he literally blew the crowd away with his DJing – spinning a remix of INXS’ ‘Don’t Ask Me’, Lorde’s ‘Royals’ and a number of other songs that made you feel as though you were in an actual nightclub.

By the final track ‘Addicted’, from their successful album Running on Air, Bliss n Eso decided to crowd surf on floatable pool toys across the audience. This was successful to the point that one of them got across to the other side while the other stood up and fell off the pool toy to the crowd’s enjoyment. Both Bliss n Eso made it safely back to the stage and finished off the show with a bang.