As Summer heats up over the continent, we’re constantly being graced with new local talent to push us into 2017. We’ve done some digging and found a few releases that are utterly fantastic, from all over the place.

Donald Dank & The Naughty Boys – Cool Pick Mick

This new tune from Melbourne’s Donald Dank & The Naughty Boys sounds as though it’s been plucked from the summer of 1969. Restrained and beautifully arranged, a flawless falsetto vocal dominates the length of the track, complimented by perfect harmonies and low key instrumentation that allows the whole track to blossom wonderfully as it progresses. You can’t help but have a smile adorn your lips as the song floats along, inspired by pop and the blues, with a modern twist. Even though only a few days of the year have elapsed, this has to be one of the best Australian songs of 2017 so far. It’s got something about it that makes you want to listen to it over and over again – restrained, lush, and gorgeous. It’s the kind of tune you want to listen to sipping a beer in the sun, or taking slow stroll along the sand. Kowabunga baby, yeah.

Morgan Bain – Hush 

This new track from Perth, WA based artist Morgan Bain is a beautiful soul pop number. Morgan has a versatile voice that flows between many different poles on the track. His strong pipes craft a solid foundation for a song which floats along with minimal instrumentation and delicate production. The musical arrangement features both organic and electronic elements, finding a perfect meeting point which allows the song to sound both current, as well as inspired by decades gone. The soulful nature of the track is as infectious as it is powerful, and the chorus is one that will stick with you, and command repeated listens.

SPIT – Opt Out

This first demo from Melbourne’s SPIT is a promising and energetic number. Dreamy vocals lay over the bed of a danceable rock track, creating an interesting dichotomy that is wholly enveloping. Catchy and memorable, the demo boasts a unique energy from an outfit who are as promising as they are fresh-faced. Tight, catchy, upbeat, sunny and original, SPIT‘s ‘Opt Out’ is a delightful experience from start to finish.

POW! Negro – Hidle Ho

This track from Fremantle’s POW! Negro collates a whole smorgasbord of ideas into a three and a half minute track. Elements of math rock, funk, hip hop, jazz fusion and punk all rear their heads during the song, resulting in an eclectic and electrifying listen. POW! Negro is a six piece group consisting of slick guitars, tasteful electronics, banging drums, smooth sax and fluid rhymes. They’ve supported Sampa The Great and Koi Child in the past, and though their sound is notoriously hard to pin down, this track really gets under your skin in the best possible way. Sharp musicianship and clever flows result in a powerful listen, and the sheer number of different elements that combine to create ‘Hidle Ho’ is nothing short of jaw-dropping.