“Hello Melbourne, my name’s Luke, I’m a Pisces, I was born in 1988. Yep. Good year.

It was an incredibly awkward but had-to-be-there moment for three-piece Paul Conrad as they started out the night at the Northcote Social Club; the Sydney group delivering swooping and gritty synths that drew everyone in. The instrumentals only got heavier and moodier as their set went on, while the vocals were kept slightly more acoustic and organic. The thing about this band though was the quality of banter actually matched the quality of performance – they were both stellar. It was such a shame that they only got to play to such a small crowd.

By the time Eves The Behavior had taken to the stage the entire venue filled with excited punters as she made a dramatic entrance with ‘Digging’. She played a few lesser known tunes with loads of reverb on the vocals, arriving gracefully from her stage set-up that was simply fantastic; a projector in the background showing eerie phrases such as cut a vital connection that added to the overall aesthetic of her latest EP.

When she arrived at ‘Zen’, she stunned the crowd with her falsetto efforts. A few tracks later she played ‘TV’, which she told the crowd it was about how one day she realised she only felt okay about her problems because she saw them amplified on television and how she thinks it’s a huge problem. However, it was a bit obvious that a lot of the crowd weren’t familiar with many of her songs other than ‘Zen’ and ‘TV’ – and in-between tracks everyone stood, trance-like just taking it in. Around the end of her set she switched things up and was suddenly at the back of the room to perform ‘Dancing Shoes’, before finishing up on lead single ‘Electrical’ along with an unnamed acoustic number.

Eves The Behavior had an incredible amount of talent for such a young artist, and it would have been nice to see more of her fans be aware of more of her discography – rather than just the few songs that are on Spotify. Either way, she kept everyone captivated with her moody beats and synths, coupled with her swooping vocals – the looping for which was incredible – she seemed to have at least five tracks going at one point. She did incredibly well for her first headline show, and I would suggest you keep an eye on Eves The Behavior if you’re not so already.