An intimate venue, the Howler Bar homed a pleasant crowd in the early hours. Already forming around the front of the stage, the crowd gathered by support group Big White as they readied to open for the night. Big White drew the attention of the room, delivering some up-beat new wave music with three guitarists sharing around the lead vocalist role equally. The mood was strong and the crowds continued to shuffle in, leaving the room mostly packed-out by the end of Big White’s set. Before making their way off stage, the group plug their upcoming debut album Teenage Dreams.

After a short break, the anticipation and waiting finally pays off as DMA’s take to the stage. Without a word, they break into their EP opener ‘Feels Like 37,’ which immediately had the entire crowd jumping, singing and having a ball. It set the feel and atmosphere for what the show will go on to be – the punchy and lyrically driven tunes that DMA’s have become known for.

There were a few new songs thrown into the mix – which doesn’t throw the audience off at all – as they continued to move to the music as if the songs were already familiar. One of these songs is apparently called ‘Melbourne’, and in all of these new songs, frontman and lead singer Tommy O’Dell channels his inner Liam Gallagher more than ever. His vocals are on point, and he looks cooler than anyone else in the room as he rests his arm calmly on the microphone stand as he sings. Guitar solos see Matt Mason raising his guitar into the air graciously as the crowd cheers.

DMA’s don’t talk to the audience much more than, “We’re DMA’s and we’re from Sydney!”, but when performing, O’Dell frequently gestures and points to fans, making eye contact and more to engage with those peppered around the set. There’s a sense of passion and care for their music, and fans connect easily. Songs like ‘Your Low’ generate cheers from the audience as their familiar opening riffs begin.

While the show slows down in tempo with ballad ‘So We Know’, the song is delivered with the exact same amount of energy and empowerment as the rest. Followed up by the band’s signature, ‘Delete’, not a single member of the audience isn’t belting out the much loved chorus line, “Don’t delete my baby!” The outfit wrap up with single ‘Laced’ and the entire crowd goes into a jumping, singing frenzy of joy. DMA’s owned the stage, with the core trio giving their all to play their well-loved jams. There’s a sense of harmony and blatant camaraderie between these guys, and it all shines through in their shows.