The ex-Short Stack front man released his debut EP Sex Games on 1st July and I sat down to chat with him about his new sound as Diviney.

Diviney is Shaun’s solo project however; he has recruited mates Sam Clayton, Tim Commandeur (Operator Please, Alaskan Knight), Chris Circosta and Sinj Clarke (Die For You) as his live band.


The title track Sex Games was released late May but was actually written ages ago.


“That song [Sex Games] was written ages ago in Sinj and Chris’ old band,” says Diviney.  “It was sort of a song that we felt represented us best.  As well as having a great song, it’s such a good representation of where we are.  I think it’s probably not as pop as a lot of the other songs which is kind of cool.  It’s kind of rocky and it’s got a good vibe.  It’s going to be a good live song and that’s basically why we chose it so we can just do it to death.”


The writing process for the EP started back in 2010 but none of the songs made it onto the EP.  


“Some days you feel more inspired than others.  I write with a lot of people.  So when you’re in a room with two or three other people, you’re all there for the same purpose in writing a song,” he says.  “You can’t really force it, it sort of just comes.  It was just a case of picking the ones that you think were right for this EP.  It isn’t necessarily everything we’re doing, it just sectioned off where we are at this point of time.”


The Sex Games EP is a huge departure from what Shaun has done in the past. With more control over everything, there is a lot of rock feeling with sporadic layering.


Before the EP was released, fans had a chance to hear some of Diviney’s new material at his secret shows earlier this year.  However, Shaun says that they decided to change the EP up a little bit.


“We decided to change the guitar tones.  Translating the songs recorded to live, we ended up doing the opposite, which is what I usually do and it just comes across so much bigger and grander.”


Now that the EP has been released, Diviney will embark on a small tour to Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney


“It’d be awesome to go out and do a really big tour but I had my vocals operated on about a month ago.  We haven’t really planned anything too grand.  We are just really testing it and see how that’s going.  Tickets are selling really well.”


Now that fans have had a chance to digest the new music, Shaun is looking forward to bringing a new live show to the fans.


When asked how he feels how his live shows will differ from those at the beginning of the year Shaun responded, “People will be more familiar with the songs which something that it always good.  Apart from that I think there will be a lot of fans from Short Stack and what I’ve done in the past at shows and I think the project’s definitely got feet of its own.  It’ll be interesting to see the sort of difference.”


After the tour there is no hesitation that Diviney is something that Shaun and his live band have no hesitation in continuing.  


“We’re planning writing trips and going to head over to the UK at same stage. And pretty much avoid having to get a job” laugh Shaun.


The Sex Games EP consists of six tracks plus six bonus acoustic versions.  


Diviney’s vocal ability shines through on the acoustic tracks with a raw, rock feeling with falsettos reminiscent to Justin Timberlake.  The stripped back versions of the songs are equally if not more pleasing to the ear than the originals.  However, the originals prove that Diviney is versatile in delivering a variety of sounds going from the gritty track Never Love A Wild Thing to the sweet ballad of Crying Your Eyes Out to the crowd pumping beat of Sex Games.


Download Diviney’s debut EP Sex Games on iTunes here:


Catch Diviney on tour this September:

Melbourne: 7/9 (

Brisbane: 12/9 – appearing at Big Sound

Brisbane: 13/9 (

Sydney: 21/9 (


By Angela Ruggeri