Riff-based, ambient and delicately compelling; London-based trio, Daughter are set to release their new album Not To DisappearNearly three years since Daughter’s last album If You Leave, Not To Disappear reads like the next progression in their ever-evolving melting pot of atmospheric electronic folk. However, with this album furthers their tones of folk-licked electronica, expanding this style in their current discography.

Upon listening, each track has some extent of an electric guitar or vocal motif listeners can hold onto. Heightening the overall piece and sonically defining the band, this factor – alongside Elena Tonra’s vocal subtleties we know and love Daughter for – add depth to each arrangement. Despite songwriting advancements Daughter have demonstrated here, the development of the album as a whole is somewhat lacklustre due to track listing. Stand out pieces of the album appear to be clustered together near the beginning, leaving the more “jam-like” pieces to conclude. Through this, the track listing creates something slightly too vapid and flat to finish; with some great highlights that are left somewhat dampened.

One of these standout tracks include single, ‘Doing The Right Thing’. Highly riff-laden and rich in storytelling, the piece makes for a captivating work perfectly teamed alongside beautiful visuals. The arrangement of the piece is something mesmerising from the bass drum filled introduction and sparsely filled choruses, seeing the bass guitar following the vocal line perfectly. Instrumentation on this record and track is sonically purposeful to enhance every lyrical nuance. Alongside the visual, this piece really is the whole package. Commissioning author Stuart Evers to create three short stories based on tracks from the album, ‘Dress’ is the first of the visual trilogy portrayed through this piece, telling of the cruel and debilitating effects of dementia. Such a package is awe-inspiring, refreshing in nature and something to celebrate in the world of music and art coming together.

Despite a small flaw concerning a roughly developing track listing, the album is an inspired piece from Daughter, firmly restating their place on the map.

Not To Disappear is to be released on January 15th via 4AD/ Glassnote Records.