The Danny Brown crew was definitely out and about on Tuesday evening for his only Melbourne Groovin The Moo sideshow. Though there were poor ticket sales, the energy at 170 Russell was palpable. Danny Brown is one of those artists that commands a varied fanbase, from his more party focused tracks like ‘Dip’ and ‘Smokin’ & Drinkin’ to his darker content driven songs like ‘Torture’ and ‘Lonely’. Supports on the night came from local lad Baro and Bruiser Brigade member Zelooperz.

The crowd has a certain expectation at Danny Brown gig, immense hype, energy fueled and all round raucousness; Baro opening, delivered none of that. Not completely to his detriment as his work was good and was interesting, it’s just that this is a mother-flipping Danny Brown show, high energy is a prerequisite. He and his mate (who we never really were properly introduced too) and the DJ really gave nothing to the crowd, and the crowd really gave nothing back. Baro’s flow was slinky however it kind of got lost as the sound was a bit off, and the bass overshadowed the vocals. Maybe Baro wasn’t the best choice for a DB gig, but that shouldn’t deter people in exploring his music, he’s got some interesting things going on.

“First time out of the country, and the first time in Australia.”

Role in act two and enter Zelooperz! A member of Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade label, he 100% delivered the goods. His energy, stage presence and crowd engagement were exactly what the room was after. From the outset, he fed the crowd energy from the podium at the front of the stage. He told the swarm it was his, “first time out of the country, and the first time in Australia,” and you could tell he was relishing every minute of performing to a crowd in a different country on tour with his mentor. He treated it like a headline gig and the crowd absolutely lapped it up.

Halfway through his set he jumped down off the stage and created a circle pit and smashed out two or three songs from the crowd. If some of the masses weren’t engaged up until that point, they surely were after. As a mate said, “The energy was turnt  the f@#k UP!” People were clamoring towards the front just to be a part of what was happening and Zelooperz back on stage feeding off of the energy and delivering it right back. Throughout his set and through Danny’s, fellow Bruiser Brigade DJ Skywalker was on the decks. Again it was hard to decipher some of the lyrics through the bass that just engulfed everyone, an issue that continued throughout DB’s set as well. It actually isn’t the first time that the production/music has been off at that venue, as FKA Twigs had a similar issue at her January 2015 show.

Between each set Skywalker had the crowd pumping and even gave his hand at hyping, then out came the main man himself. Dressed more rockstar than rapper, he donned his customary leather jacket and Jazzy Jeff inspired dark sunnies; standing at the front of the stage in his classic DB tongue-poking-out pose he jumped straight into it and delivered the goods. The crowd got all their favourites with ‘Smokin & Drinkin’ slipping out three tracks in and ‘I Will’ had the crowd singing along. Plumes of smoke rose out of the crowd, and there was the distinct smell of weed throughout his set, especially during ‘Kush Coma’. ‘Grown Up’ was a clear crowd favourite as well as ‘Handstand’, both had the venue heaving and with the masses singing along. Building the ultimate climax, he finished with his track with Rustie, ‘Attack’ and of course ‘Dip’.

“Dressed more rockstar than rapper, he donned his customary leather jacket and Jazzy Jeff inspired dark sunnies.”

Zelooperz was an insane hype man and kept the energy up to the DB level that the crowd expected. DB himself seemed a little subdued compared to other Australian shows in the past, albeit he was performing his fifth show in as many days; he still pleased the crowd to no end, introducing himself after a few tracks, followed by his iconic cackle. Forgoing an encore and ending the night on ‘Dip’, kind of threw the crowd, and not even their chanting spurred him to come back out for one last tune. Zelooperz still riding off the high of an insanely good night, mingled with the crowd snapping selfies and chatted to fans.

All in all, it was an amazing night, as it always is at a Danny Brown concert. Though he was at full throttle DB even his 3rd gear still pleased everyone.