Electronic-house duo and twin brothers, Cosmo’s Midnight – AKA Cosmo and Patrick Liney – recently released their EP Moments and as expected, it’s pleased both faithful fans and new recruits. Reigning from Sydney, the boys started their production career after their older brother downloaded Ableton and they followed suit. I’m sure I’m not the only one to say, thank god for their copycat childhood antics.

All grown up now, the identical talents have been fortunate enough to have some incredible artists and producers collaborate with them on their record. From electronic artist Wave Racer, UK singer-songwriter/producer Wild Eyed Boy and Norwegian producer Hi Tom, to Perth electro-pop princess KUČKA, producer Lido and Sarah Bonito, the two really lucked out.

Moments EP opens with ‘Trapped’ featuring Wave Racer; a twinkly tune with a fun-filled melody that’s practically perfect for a dance party. Regardless of its non-lyrical nature, the track captivates listeners through the use of electronic drumbeats and keyboard patterns. The tune leaves one dreaming of sitting on a beautiful beach with delicious cocktail in hand. Sarah Bonito definitely brought her own flavour to Hurt’ in a way that can only be described as an J-pop infused, soft-rap track. Picking up the pace, the middle of the song is a breakdown of sorts, in which the singer gives her all in a reverb driven performance. The dreamy sounds, both electronic and acoustic are a stunning addition to the brand new release.

‘Walk With Me’ is an undeniably groovy track featuring KUČKA’s vocal styling. In particular, the catchy keyboard note sequence is one not to be missed. Encouraging listeners to get up on their feet, Cosmo Midnight clearly did their homework. The pop tune is sure to be a go-to track on the debut EP. Starting off as subtle as ever with a rising clap noise, ‘Falling Out’ featuring Lido is the most evocative piece of music for the album. The pop-infused dub-step/trap is highly intriguing and will stir a vast range of emotions from listeners. Bringing multiple instruments including keys, strings and of course, the electronic instruments.

By the time track five rolls around, I’m looking for a heavy vocal performance, and am just not going to get one. While the synths and drumbeats produce an incredible sound, the addition of stunning lyrics would have the potential to take the EP as a whole much further. ‘Ether’ features a harp solo and an acoustic guitar and brings to life a hip-hop influenced sound from the brothers. Last but the opposite of least, Cosmo’s Midnight works with Wilde Eyed Boys on ‘Snare’. Between the guitar elements, electronic synth sound and smooth vocals, their already familiar track allows for that last trance styled dance.

Cosmo’s Midnight have ultimately created an incredible debut EP that includes plenty of stunning instrumental “Moments”.