Grabbing the attention of innovative team at Future Classic after submitting his remix of Flume’sSleepless‘ in a competition, Charles Murdoch has spread his wings past his Brisbane homeland with his debut album Point. With plenty of outsider input, his debut release has other artist’s unwavering support, garnering interest from the likes of Ta-Ku, WAFIA and Oscar Key Sung to name a few.

With high quality production and sound design that can be heard throughout each track, the production makes for an amazing soundscape that creates an effortless, mellow mood. Lead single, ‘Straws’, was the first glimpse at the forthcoming sound, gaining plenty of traction for the electronic producer. Far more ambient than a hard-hitter, the whispering vocals shift around as each tone is met with the heavy and reverberated instrumentals that hold progression. A some-what tame release, it does in fact set a good precedent for the rest of the track listing. If you enjoyed this release, you’ll certainly be satisfied with this compilation.

Drawn out with a warm synthesiser pad, these sounds are peppered throughout and basically make up the majority of the sound for this release. Not to sum up all the hard work in production so simply, it’s in this the same tone is held from start to finish, which makes for impressive continuity, but a slight lack of variety.

Coming out strong with the second lifted single, ‘Frogs’ offers up an R&B feel with the help of WAFIA and HAK on vocals. As the song progresses, the percussion and electronic sounds glide together perfectly, flowing together like water across glass. Ta-ku also deals up his talents on this record as co-producer, adding his uniquely subtle arrangement ideas and minimalistic production style to the latter of the tracks. ‘Frogs’ is by far the powerhouse track amongst the array of soothing supporting records.

Not an absolute standout amongst the world-class Future Classic crew, Point is still a fitting sound that I’m sure die hard fans of the Australian label will love and enjoy.