Waiting in the foyer of Brothers Leagues Club in Cairns on Wednesday night, it was clear that Birds of Tokyo have a big and diverse following. 


The Birds picked local Cairns band The Young Art as their support act for their North Queensland shows.  At only 16 years of age, The Young Art members Brad Stephenson, Casey Shipp and Sony Sando appeared to be at home on the stage.  The younger members of the audience appreciated the youngster’s music; however the older ones clutched their schooners and waited for the flock they were so eager to catch a glimpse of. 


Birds of Tokyo took the stage amidst a starry lit up background.  The band opened with their latest hit When the Night Falls Quiet and played a mixture of songs from older albums amongst a fair amount of their new material from their album March Fires which was released earlier this year.


I have never seen a crowd act as eager as this one did when the Birds played ‘Plans‘ from their 2010 self-titled album. Fans screamed along when Ian Kenny held the mic up to the crowd to encourage them to sing along.


The band returned to the stage for an encore much to the pleasure of the screaming crowd.


The final song of the evening, ‘Lanterns‘ was a spectacular song to witness live. Standing at the back of the venue I was able to witness not only the beautiful stage presence of the band at this particular moment but the enthusiastic crowd holding up their lit up mobile phones and swaying to the tune.


It is evident that Birds of Tokyo know how to hold their own live. The band has a spectacular live sound and really get into the live essence of their music.


By Angela Ruggeri