Perth 6-piece J.F.K are back with a punch in their new track ‘Feel It Again’. The garage-rocker’s first outing for 2018 will not only please long-time fans but ensnare new listeners with its blazing guitars and contemplative lyrics. Fast paced and energetic, ‘Feel It Again’ explores the thoughts of frontman James Knox during a relationship, and what would happen if everything went wrong.

After forming in 2016, J.F.K have gone from one strength to the next, quickly making a name for themselves. After the highly successful release of 3 singles in 2017, including the award winning ‘A Boy And A Boy’, and with an album due for release in August, this West Australian powerhouse don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Speaker TV spoke to lead singer James Knox about the new track, the upcoming album and his creative process.

How does the track making process begin for you?

I’ve always got a whole heap of work-in-progress tracks at the back of my mind which I keep as options going into the studio. With this release, I had maybe 6 or 7 other tracks that I was considering recording, but I wasn’t actually that happy with them – so 2 weeks out from when we were due in the studio I sat down and wrote this track.

Do you write the music or the lyrics first?

A lot of the time I’ll have a single melody stored up which I gradually start adding lyrics to.

What time of day do you prefer to write music? When are you most creative?

Unfortunately for me it’s usually around 1 or 2am – just as I’m trying to get to sleep. I end up having to get out of bed, grab my phone and make a voice memo recording so that I don’t loose the idea.

What challenges did you face while making the album?

I did actually have some issues getting the vocals to sit right for this release. It’s a pretty angry song, which naturally lent itself to me trying to belt out the vocals in the studio. It didn’t really work as well as we’d hoped, so I ended up re-tracking it all with a bit more of a normal singing voice which gave us the final product.

Who was the first person you played the album to in its entirety?

I think I probably showed it to Tim, our keys player. We work together in a lot of different projects and I really value his opinion on my work, so he’s usually the first one I show a finished project to.

Describe the track in three words.

Fast, sweaty, rock.

J.F.K will be touring across Australia over the next few months, bringing their powerful presence to stages in Fremantle, Melbourne and Sydney. You can catch them on the dates below at a venue near you. In the meantime you can check out their new single ‘Feel It Again’ on Spotify or Soundcloud

J.F.K Tour Dates

June 16th – RTR FM Winter Music Festival, Fremantle

July 5th – Hidden Treasures, Fremantle

August 31st – Last Chance Rock N Roll Bar, Melbourne

September 1st – Botany View Hotel, Sydney