Melbourne dark industrial trio RKDA have landed their first EP CS and it’s mega. Rife with eery ambience and strong beats the group have delivered the kind of EP that’ll put you in the mood for a cold winter’s night or a midnight rave in theforestt. In regards to the release of their first single ‘Spaces’ last year, it’s clear that RKDA have done extremely well in keeping within their own sound, extremely evident in CS.

CS kicks off with RKDA’s second single ‘Quartz’, and features three other tracks ‘Lenanshee’, ‘Frontline’ and ‘Coffee’. The group share around the vocals with no one particular lead singer which is refreshing and mostly unheard of these days. ‘Lenanshee’ is led by the soft and melodic voice of RKDA member Guy Louis whilst the other tracks are a seamless joint effort of dreamy babes Laura and Ana. The EP is a perfect concoction of lo-fi moments and heavy-oozing electronica that makes it impossible not to be utterly mesmerised by.

Treat yourself and listen to CS here: