Tim Commandeur is synonymous with bands such as Operator Please, Colour Coding and Diviney.  However, the 23 year old drummer has branched out on his own to produce his debut EP Cabin Fever under the name Alaskan Knight.


I spoke to Tim earlier in the week to find out more about his first solo project and EP.


This time around Tim is the front man of Alaskan Knight as he plays all instruments on the EP including vocals.  However, he included his dad in his project to play piano for the track One More Night.


Moving forward in the world of music, Tim wants to be seen as more of a front man and not someone that just plays in a band.


He describes his vision as more of an established artist, with a bit of producing and remixing.


“I have more to bring the music world than just my drumming skills.”


Tim drums for Operator Please, Diviney and Colour Coding but has developed musically over the years.


“Drumming will still be my career but I started to write songs and produce my own stuff but I just felt that none of the bands I was involved in could cater for what I was writing.” 


He describes his sound a bit left of field to what he was currently in so he felt like the music he was writing needed its own entity. 


Tim says he wants to come into his own and see what he could do by himself.


Cabin Fever, the first EP from Alaskan Knight represents what Tim feels inside music wise.


“I find that music is kind of the greatest form of expression of how you feel so this EP is definitely all me at the moment.”


With Alaskan Knight’s live shows, he says he wants to take to the audience on a journey.


“My ultimate goal once I kind of develop my live show is that I envision more of an experience rather than just seeing a band,” says Tim.


“I interact with sounds, intros, extended breakdowns and take the listener on an extended journey, not only through sound but through visual as well.”


Tim has only performed one live show as Alaskan Knight.


“I have only done one [live show] a couple of weeks ago and it went really well and it is something that will develop as I go along.”


Tim draws his influences from electronic pop music such as Empire of the Sun, Friendly Fires, Phoenix and Miike Snow.


He says his sound was created by listening to sounds of all the bands and taking little bits from them and being influenced by what they created.


“Once you listen to it, is quite an influential sound.  They way they also create a world in the vibe and that is the sound I kind of wanted to go for.  That’s why I listened to all that kind of stuff to make it sound like a really great production and especially an electronic production.”


Old school synth is an inspiration and he is always listening out for that.


Tim is constantly writing and there are plans of doing a follow up EP as soon as the funds become available.


“I can’t wait to get back into the studio and start recording,” says Tim.  “But there will definitely be more coming from Alaskan Knight as well as other bands.” 


With so many drumming projects under his belt where he takes a backseat, Tim is able to put all of his energy into being the front man of Alaskan Knight.


The first single Cabin Fever was released in March and Tim says it was just left to simmer with listeners.


“I wasn’t really sure when I was going to put out the EP, just when it felt right and it just seemed like a good time.”


The debut EP Cabin Fever is now available on iTunes.


By Angela Ruggeri