Havana Meets Kingston served up some amazing island beats to Aussie crowds, landing in Melbourne at The Forum on 15 March.

The idea was born from Mista Savona, who worked on the album Havana Meets Kingston for two years and decided to bring it to life with the show.

Bringing some of the best in the business to the Australian tour, Savona’s 15 piece super group showed just how well the two sounds of the Caribbean islands met. It brought together the roots of reggae and dancehall along with the turnt up rhythm of salsa and rumba.

There was something great about the ever-changing crowd who went to the Forum show. While there was some serious salsa dancing during emerging Cuban artist set, Solis and Randy Valentine, the crowd would switch over to twerking and whining for Jamaican duo Sly & Robbie.

It wouldn’t have been a Cuban music celebration either without the sounds of the Bueno Vista Social Club and Barbarito Torres and Rolando Luna, who were there to bring the traditional tunes to the room.