For any die hard Underoath fan, the announcement of the band’s farewell tour in late 2012 was a shock. In August of 2015 fans of Underoath were given another exciting shock when news that the band would reunite in 2016 for the USA Self Help Festival on March 19,  as well as a tour named the Rebirth Tour. This very tour hit Australian shores on February 10 at Eatons Hill Hotel in Brisbane. Underoath played albums They’re Only Chasing Safety and Define The Great Line in their entirety. For many, this is the first time seeing Underoath live, as Spencer Chamberlain repeated a few times throughout the night, “It’s been too long since we’ve been to Australia” as well as “I’m going to tell you a secret, we’ll be back in 2018”.


So keep your eyes peeled for another Underoath tour in the near future, but until then make sure you head to a show near you while they are in the country!


Monday 13 February – 170 Russell, Melbourne – 18+
Wednesday 15 February – The Gov, Adelaide – Lic AA
Thursday 16 February – Metropolis, Fremantle – 18+