February 11, 2018

No one seemed to see the rain coming until it was to late, maybe more of us should have checked the weather forecast. Brisbane was surprised by a very unwelcome guest at Paramore’s show. For the first time that I have ever seen the Riverstage was evacuated with all fans staying undercover at the QUT building. The rain, thunder and lighting finally started passing, fans began lining up again and waiting for security to let them in. The all clear was given and gates were reopened. Bleachers went on around eight o’clock playing a shorter set but still without a doubt had no trouble getting the fans pumped and excited for what was to come. Paramore entered the stage at eight forty-five, one hour late from schedule, thanks Brisbane summer storms! Paramore fans didn’t seem to worry just as long as they got to see their favourite band and sing along to all their favourite songs new and old. If there is one front woman who seems to have an endless amount of energy it is without a doubt Hayley Williams, that woman never stopped moving!

I’m sure I can speak for all Paramore fans and say please come back real soon, we can’t promise their won’t be another storm but we will stick around no matter what weather is thrown at us!