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Picture someone who works in the creative industries; now picture that someone’s friends – would you predict that cohort might be all somewhat creative in one way or another? It’s a social cue, a familiarity in each other’s craft and creative freedom, a respect you gain from someone who understands your ambitions and desires in expression.

Speaker TV wanted to celebrate the family of creative individuals based in Melbourne, who endlessly support one another. For one of our popular Citizens of the Streets events, we decided to deck out up and coming musicians Alice Ivy and Leisure Suite, in fresh threads from up and coming designers PAI the label, and Mimi-Zikki.
We involved established make-up artist Elisa Clark and the talented Jaz Ryland from Cream Melbourne hair salon on Brunswick street, to make the artists feel like beauties. While we booked fashion photographer Simon Fitzpatrick to capture the special moments.

The purpose was to create a working environment for these parties, facilitate working friendships between each contributor, and emulate the creative collaboration of Melbourne’s creative young and up and comers.
The night was warm, and the energy was high.
And the photos look hot.


Models/Musicians: Alice Ivy & Leisure Suite
Designer: PAI & Mimi-Zikki
Photographer: Simon Fitzpatrick
MUA: Elisa Clark
Hair: Jaz Ryland (Cream Melbourne)