What’s the difference between a smoothie and a smoothie bowl, Australia?

I get it, it’s a smoothie that you consume via spoon and bowl. But why stop there? Let’s have a mug of cereal for breakfast, a jug of soup for lunch, and a curry straight from the scorching hot saucepan for dinner.

Of course I’m joking. Smoothie bowls are pretty awesome in fairness, and I guess everyone agrees because every café in Melbourne seems to be advertising them right now. When I first ventured out here, I didn’t know what to expect from Australian cuisine. In hindsight, it’s pretty much the same as in England. Although fish and chips is ours, ok? You stole that from us.

Chicken Parmiagana (AKA Parma, Parmy)

When I first came across this slobbering mess of a dish, I thought it was an accident. A chicken breast, clumsily coated in what looked to be tinned tomatoes, with a thick layering of cheese. I tend to leave the bolognese sauce for the spaghetti and the chicken for everything else, but I had to give it a try. Weirdly it works, and you can see why it has become an aussie favourite. I’ve decided I’m opening a parma restaurant when I get back to England. So, that new KFC ‘chiko pizza’ thing is basically just a parma, right?

Chiko Roll

At the few Australian agricultural festivals that I have worked at, there’s a choice of 2 fairly priced
luncheons available. ‘Hot chips’ (as opposed to cold chips, guys?) or a chiko roll.  The fact that it was devoid of chicken angered me to the point that I took it back thinking I’d had a dodgy one. Now that I know the ingredients, it’s safe to say I’ve had my fill of deep fried carrot, cabbage etc.

Smashed Avo On Errythin, On Yo Face.

I have to say I was an avocado virgin before coming out here. 9 months later however and I am as promiscuous as it gets when it comes to the wrinkly flesh of natures creamy little delights (EW). They’re also kind of fun to smash. Here’s to relieving some morning tensions whilst granting yourself a healthy breakfast. And to think I only used to imagine avocado’s were useful as guaccomole.


Go on, have a spoonful” says everyone who thinks you’re about to try vegemite for the first time. Whether you learn it the hard way or not, this is definitely one to eat in moderation (at least, for sane people). A smidgeon of Vegemite on your toast upon an ocean of butter is surely it’s best form.

 Aussie Pies

When I was road tripping the east coast, you would see all of the regular road signs. Directions, games to keep you awake, the nearest pie places. It was hard to accept the meat pie an an aussie classic because, as a brit with a father who hails from the north of England, I have my own view on what the perfect pie entails. However, it turns out you Australians do know your pies after all…

Monster Shakes

To be honest, I’m pretty sure that these are big everywhere at the moment because of the constant attention they seem to get on Instagram and social media. Add a sprinkling of Tim Tam to a regular milkshake? That will be an extra 7 dollars, mate.

Kangaroo, Crocodile, Emu, Etc.

There has been little to persuade me that real Australians actually eat this stuff. It seems to be more of a novelty BBQ idea at many hostels across the nation. The crocodile sausages I now refer to as fish sausages (gross), the kangaroo steak had a nice texture but made me yearn for a t-bone, and the emu was worse than chickens natural inferior, Turkey. Still, it was worth the 20 dollar BBQ, huh? Ehm…


Ah, the staple part of every Australians diet. Tim-Tams win because of the variety of flavours. Some are a bit weird – I don’t want a champagne flavoured biscuit – but most are spot on.