Here’s another round of some killer Australian tunes. From the lyricism of Sampa The Great to the jazz-infused rhythms of Oisima; we’ve got you covered!

Sampa The Great – Everybody’s Hero

The Zambian-born, Sydney based rapper is back with a new single ‘Everybody’s Hero’, which is taken from the upcoming EP HERoes Act 2. ‘Everybody’s Hero’ is a dark and moody guitar and beat-driven track; which showcases the impressive rhyme-spitting abilities that Sampa The Great is known for. The single features Grammy Award winning producer Rahki, and British Soul queen Estelle. Sampa The Great has a pretty busy schedule over the next couple of months, as she is playing in Europe in May, before coming back to Australia to co-headline the Fire Sign Tour with Remi.


Ghosting – ‘One SummerSpirited Away 」’

One SummerSpirited Away 」’ is the first taste of Reimagining Myazaki; the debut instrumental mixtape from Ghosting (the alias of Melbourne producer Andrei Eremin). The Reimagining Myazaki project is inspired by the soundtracks of the iconic anime films directed by Hayo Miyazaki. The mixtape is a result of Andrei Eremin’s quest to sample the soundtracks of each of Myazaki’s films and even taking journeying to Taiwan to visit Jiufen, a coastal town famous for being the inspiration behind the film Spirited Away. ‘One SummerSpirited Away 」’ is built on a beautifully sparse piano sample, which is then chopped up and doused with hip-hop beats and production. The Reimagining Myazaki mixtape is out May 12 via Wondercore Island.

Lithe – ‘Locals’

‘Locals’ is the first release from experimental electronic producer Lithe. ‘Locals’ is laden with drums and tribal beats, and includes elements that stem from the witch house and club aesthetic. Lithe is the moniker of Kyle Satch, an ex-drummer/now-producer based in Melbourne. The Fervent Gum EP is Lithe’s reflection of his journey from hometown Townsville to Melbourne.; an experience which involved travelling through arid landscapes, sleepless nights and aboriginal spirits. Fervent Gum will be released on June 26.

Spirit Bunny – ‘Disco Horseride Montage’

‘Disco Horseride Montage’ is the opening track from Spirit Bunny‘s debut self-titled album. The Brisbane noise-pop band have described their new album as songs that “simultaneously celebrate and critique culture with odes to inner-city rubbish collection and mindless youth consumption habits”. ‘Disco Horseride Montage’ fits this description perfectly; as its the amalgamation of buzzing Casio keyboards, noise circuit bent instruments and gritty beats.


Alex Cameron – ‘The Comeback’

Alex Cameron used to be involved in the electronic act known as Seekae. ‘The Comeback’ is a catchy, synth-pop, nu-wave hit that’s bound to relinquish the thirst for the dance anthems of the 80’s. ‘The Comeback’ is from Alex Cameron‘s debut solo album Jumping The Shark (released in 2014), which is a collection of stories about Cameron‘s life in the show business.


Oisima – ‘Grovers Lament’

Adelaide based beat-smith Oisima, has a knack for making some addictively grooving yet cinematic pieces, and ‘Grovers Lament’ is the perfect example of this. ‘Grovers Lament’ is the second track from Oisima‘s debut LP Nicaragua Nights (released in 2015 via Create/Control Records); a record which combines elements of contemporary soul with Middle Eastern and Jazz influences. Oisima is working hard at his second studio record, which will be released later in the year.