Platforms like Kickstarter and Pozible have become instrumental for start up projects. Rather than pitching ideas to the bank or to investors, these platforms allow companies to speak directly to an audience, and gives everyday people the choice to support what they find engaging. It’s truly revolutionised so many fields from tech to music, to social justice initiatives. It’s the season of giving with Christmas just around the corner, so we’ve picked out a few very sweet campaigns running at the moment for you to donate to if you’re so inclined.

sleepmakeswaves – Funding Album Number 3

slepmakeswaves are an amazing local post-rock instrumental outfit, who were one of the first bands to successfully make use of Pozible as a revenue raising service in 2014. Back then, the band’s campaign led to their record Love of Cartography being recorded on time and on budget, going on to hit #31 in the ARIA charts and achieving nominations for both an ARIA award and a J award. They’re seeking $42,000 to help fund not just the recording of their third album, but also to support another touring cycle into Europe, Asia, North America and beyond. If you haven’t heard them before, check out the track below to see if they’re worth it. In our opinion, they certainly are. Little hint, their style of music sounds incredible on vinyl, so that’d be our package selection.


The Sparkke Change Beverage Co. – Instigating Social Change and Opening Dialogues + Gettin’ Pissed 

Have you ever been sipping on a drink and thought – “wow, I’m really helping to change the world right now.” Probably not, huh? Well, we have some good news for you – now you can sit in the sun, drink a cider, and start a conversation about consent, or changing the date of Australia day, all with the one can.The Sparkke Change Beverage Company are a small start-up craft brewery based in Adelaide, run by nine young women from diverse backgrounds and orientations, who decorate their labels with slogans representing important social issues. The views expressed on the cans are strong, but make important points of discussion – the team have said that they want their labelling to be “unadorned and unashamed,” and they want an active community of fans selecting the issues they detail moving forward. A great and fresh idea, that truly deserves support.


Photograph Like It’s The 1920’s With Your Very Own Tintype Camera

Tintype has often been referred to as the vintage polaroid, a process dating back over 160 years. Instead of creating a negative from which multiple prints can be made as more modern film photography does, this form of photography creates a stunningly beautiful, unique, and ready to display image in just minutes. These images are one and only, as they can’t be replicated due to the production process. In the spirit of that uniqueness, Joel Crane is creating personal Tintype cameras for backers, while also offering prints of his work. Though it might seem like an archaic piece of equipment, the images that it produces are absolutely stunning. If you’re a photography enthusiast, this could be a great addition to your collection.


Is Fizzy Coffee Really Necessary? We Don’t Know, But We Wanna Try It Anyway. 

It’s fair to say that at this point, Melbourne has reached peak coffee. How many variations and innovations can there be for roasted beans? It seems like a new one pops up every other week in our little city, each more outlandish than the last. But this has to be either the weirdest, the dumbest or the best – but definitely the most interesting. The team behind Maker Fine Coffee in Richmond source single origin coffee from Colombia and use organic botanicals and a touch of unrefined sweetness to enhance the natural flavour profile of the coffee – and then they carbonate. According to the creators, “the result, poured over ice and garnished with a slice of orange, is the world’s greatest pick me up in the afternoon sun.” They want to get it into stores next year – although we’re kind of horrified, we were too intrigued to not contribute. Melbourne, your love of coffee has cooked it – it might be time to leave it alone for a bit. We think you might have a problem.