Melbourne four-piece Youngs have this week revealed their most realised single yet, ‘Serasan Shakes’. After taking some time out to focus on the band’s sound, the release marks the catalyst of new and exciting things ahead, with creative-collabs galore and talks of upcoming live shows on the horizon!

‘Serasan Shakes’ is a slow progression, taking in every opportunity to linger on a perfectly balanced vocal harmony or a hollow drum pad percussion, with echoing synthesises drifting in and out, shifting seamlessly from slow-dance hip swaying, to peppered head-nodding beats in perfect fluidity.

The band has called in fellow electronic swoon expert and visual artist Jack Vanzet aka. Thrupence to create the single’s accompanying artwork of stone greek statues in an embrace, mimicking the song’s heartfelt love, loss and recollections of past times set in stone.

As well as this, ears are being pricked and eyes peeled as announcements have been made for collaborations with acclaimed visual artist Meat Sauce for future Youngs live shows!

But until then, take a listen to the track below and keep an ear out for tour dates, to be announced soon.