Our Oceans, Our Future

World Oceans Day is a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future. What better way to celebrate the life-giving beauty that is the deep blue with a playlist stacked with WOD flavours.

The Beautiful Girls – La Ma

Birthed almost two decades ago from nothing but swell and salt, The Beautiful Girls have been churning out tributes to the ocean for as long as they’ve been in business. Led by Matt McHugh, the outfit has commingled a range of rustic flavours over the years to produce some absolute belters – but ‘La Ma’ has gotta be our favourite.

Dean Lewis – Waves

On a similar note, Dean Lewis‘ ‘Waves’ emits a lasting campfire-type vibe. The breakout track for the Sydney-sider has amassed a metric-shit-ton of interest online, chalking up almost 13 million rotations on Spotify since its release back in 2016.

Ben Wright Smith – Sand Grabber

We’ll let the lyrics speak for this one: Love we’re twisting in the sun/Like a Sand Grabber/Like everyone/We’re Twistng in the sun/Like a Sand Grabber/Like everyone

Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue

Violin sales increased by 1000% after the release of this video clip.

Ocean Grove – Thunderdome (feat. Running Touch)

Back on a serious note, Ocean Grove are one of the most promising heavy/alternative rock finds of the last two years. The Melbourne-based outfit has been propelled to the forefront on the back of their debut LP The Rhapsody Tapes, with the ripple effect being sold out shows across the country. ‘Thunderdome’ sees the group join forces with enigmatic electronic force Running Touch to generate one of this year’s heaviest bash-outs.

Northeast Party House – Calypso Beach

Harmonizing Australia’s love for beaches and parties, suburban legends Northeast Party House dropped this festival anthem last year as a part of their gripping second LP Dare. The lads are now gearing up for the summer with a series of headline shows and festival appearances in their path.