Australia’s largest gathering of artists and musicians, Queensland’s Woodford Folk Festival has once again announced its theme for the annual festival running from the 27th December 2014 – 1st January ’15.

The festival is known for its outlandish themes and posters, this years theme based on a carnival of masked creatures. In the spirit of misrule and adventure, mystery and mirth and discovery and freedom, Woodford urges festival goers to explore the duality of themselves and the expressions of the mask.

Working with returning local artist Gavin Ryan, a labor candidate for Burwood and self proclaimed “obsessive gardener” to create the annual poster, the artwork is an amazing mix of the surreal and the whimsical, highlighting the festivals free nature and emphasis self-discovery.

The poster is an enchanting mix of mushrooming cityscapes, animals, masks and neon butterflies.

The Focal point however, is that of the girl in the right foreground, casting her mask off and riding adventurously out of the postal world and into the festival lights.

woodford poster

Referencing the Popular Burning Man ritual, Tilda, the festival poster girl, in collaboration with the Irish Spectacle company Macnas will be immortalised as a giant puppet, standing over 6 metres high.

“We want to tell this story of exploration through the eyes of a giant masked puppet girl. She is going on the journey to find freedom and in her story perhaps we’ll see a part of ourselves,” festival director Bill Hauritz explains.

The festival program is set to be announced on Saturday 18th October.